Former US V-P candidate, wife test positive for coronavirus antibodies-

Former Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, Sen. Tim Kaine and his wife Anne have tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, he announced Thursday.

In a statement released by the senator’s office, Kaine (D-Va.) said that he had the flu earlier this year, but the symptoms lingered after he was prescribed standard medication to treat it.
“At the end of March, I experienced new symptoms that I initially thought were flu remnants and a reaction to an unusually high spring pollen count. Then Anne experienced a short bout of fever and chills, followed by congestion and eventually a cough,” the 2016 vice presidential candidate said.
After Kaine’s wife, Anne, got sick, the senator said they spoke to their doctors in early April and were told it was possible that they both had contracted mild cases of coronavirus.
“We were both at home in Richmond [after getting the news], working remotely and isolated from others. Due to the national testing shortage, we were not tested for the virus but continued isolating and watched for any worsening of symptoms. By mid-April we were symptom-free,” he continued.

Kaine went on to say that the two of them tested positive for the antibodies this month, but did not specify when.

Despite the positive test, the Kaines plan to take the necessary safety precautions to prevent spreading the virus further.

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