Covid-19: Looked At These Figures, My Heart Is Troubled- Favour Benson

Wokeup this morning with the above figures staring at me, my heart became troubled. We all allowed hunger, lack of what to eat and spend, sentiments, emotions and distrust for our leaders makes us forget the fact that we are at war with Coronavirus and every precaution we must and should be taken to ensure that we, our loved ones neighbors, people around us and on our street stays well and alive. I trust God we are not gradually heading to that which befell other nations. The truth be told, Nigeria ( Lagos State) do not have what it takes to manage covid-19 crisis. Whilst you are free to call COVID-19 a way of making money, business, lies from the pit of hell, scam, WHO manufactured virus, sponsored by Bill Gate and or you are amongst the people that says there is nothing like covid-19. This is to let us know we must all take responsibility for our actions. I read the Pleads of private schools owners and some lazy parents ( mothers) trying to make the government open schools by fire by force. In as much as i feel the pains of those whose business are stand still for now, we must not forget the consequences of our actions when the time comes, which i pray won’t get to that. Washing of our hands for 20secs, covering your nose & mouth with face mask, coughing in a tissue and properly disposing it, sneezing into your elbow and social distancing, all these are very important. The law enforcement should also do their part by educating the people rightly and see to it that they adhere to complete distancing in buses, tricycle, cars and even while trekking. Whoever God is saving should also save him or herself. A word is a enough for the WISE.

553 new cases of #COVID19;


9855 cases of #COVID19Nigeria
Discharged: 2856
Deaths: 273

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