MURIC warns against reopening of schools, religious centres-

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has warned states against the reopening of schools and religious centres.

MURIC Director Prof Ishaq Akintola lauded the advised of the Federal Government (FG) to state governments to delay the resumption of schools until further notice and indefinite suspension of religious services in Lagos state.

Akintola said: “We are on the same page with the Federal Government on the need for states to delay the resumption of schools. The stakes are still very high and the coast is still not clear. Beijing opened its schools a few weeks ago but it ordered their closure on Wednesday after the deadly COVID-19 made a come-back in China.

“The closure of schools weeks after they had been opened in Beijing has negative psychological impact on students and their parents. It is also capable of portraying the authorities as uncoordinated.

A communist enclave like China can damn the political fallout but not in Nigeria where the norm is kindergarten democratic practices and everything here is politicised, including human lives. That is why we cannot afford to make the mistake of opening and closing again like Beijing.

“In like manner, we fully endorse the decision of the Lagos State Government to suspend the opening of churches and mosques.

The indices are highly unfavourable for opening places of religious assemblies. As at Wednesday, Lagos alone has confirmed 7,461 COVID-19 cases out of the total national figure of 17,148. This represents approximately 44 per cent. Also of the 455 deaths nationwide, 82 occurred in Lagos State.

This is alarming enough particularly when compared to states like Abia, Ebonyi, Taraba and Benue which have registered zero death.

“Lagos has therefore taken the right step by suspending the reopening of churches and mosques. Even Saudi Arabia yesterday closed all mosques it ordered open two weeks ago. It should be noted that Lagos is a mega-city with a population of more than 17.5 million.”

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