TY Bello Shares Ibidun Ighodalo’s Message To Single Women Hoping To Get Married Soon (Video)

The late Ibidun Ighodalo would have been 40 years old today, July 19, and to mark her posthumous birthday, her friend TY Bello shared a message the late beauty queen had for single women.

In the video, Ibidun is seen addressing single women whose Instagram accounts are on private yet they are hoping to get married before the end  of the year. Ibidun asked how they expect their husbands to find them when they’ve placed “padlock” on their profile. She advised such women to open their Instagram profiles so that her prayer and fasting on their behalf will not be in vain.

Other friends of Ibidun have also put up videos and photos of her to mark what would have been her 40th birthday.

Watch the video shared by TY Bello below.



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