Blasphemy: Primate Elijah Ayodele Reacts To Ongoing Case Of Kano Musician

Primate Elijah Ayodele

Primate Elijah Ayodele,the leader of INRI Evangelical spiritual church has declared that killing the Kano-based singer, Yahaya Sharif for blasphemy will prove that Nigeria is being ruled by a terrorist, Touchaheart reports.

He pleaded with the governor of Kano State, Umar Ganduje to temper justice with mercy.

Recall that Primate Elijah had previously warned against the killing of the Kano-based musician, Sharif-Aminu.

According to him, killing the singer will amount to spilling blood of the innocent.

In another statement made on Friday, the cleric added, “I am still begging, killing of Yahaya Sharif will mean we have a terrorist ruling us, I will advise the governor of Kano not to attest to this. If he does, it means he isn’t a good man. He should forget about religion. He needs to temper justice with mercy, he needs to forgive this young man.

“We are serving the same God in a different way, I’m begging that he should be forgiven.

”He is a star, he has a mission on earth, killing him means killing the hope of those he will help tomorrow. He should be forgiven.’’


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