Pastor Abandons Wife And Kids In UK, Runs To Nigeria.


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that a UK-based Pastor has abandoned his wife and 4 kids in London to marry another in Nigeria.


Rev. Prince Dom Odoemena was ordained a pastor in the Anglican Diocese of Orlu Imo state, ordained Rev. Prince Dom Odoemena a pastor in Nigeria before he left and now works as an Assistant Curate at Emmanuel Church in Forest Gate, East London, and the Vocations Officer (vocations Enabler ) with the Church of England.


Rev. Prince as his fondly called has been married to Genevieve, also from Imo state, for over 10 years and they live in the UK with their union blessed with 4 children.


It was alleged that Rev. Prince and his The family of Rev. Prince and Rev himself allegedly subjected his wife to physical and emotional abuse over the years.


Genevieve’s photo is making rounds Online, the mother of his four children, had a bump on her head and blood oozing from her split lower lip in that photo and it has been alleged that her husband, the reverend, was responsible for those wound’s.


Rev. Prince Odoemena reportedly have been accused of abusing his wife for several years before abandoning his wife and children in the UK and returned to Nigeria to marry another wife.


Dom in his words and in a way to justify his actions, he ‘told people’ that the reason he left Genevieve his wife was because she has been cheating on him. He also claimed that he has been financially responsible for her and their kids even though his no longer with her meaning, he has left his wife and the his kids.


This Online media gathered that Genevieve who is a British citizen, was the one who helped Prince Odoemena to get a British citizenship also and supported him through his studies in the UK, only for him to abandon her after he became established.


Rev. Odoemena has been accused to have wedding his second wife this Jan 2021, while his still legally married to his first wife, Genevieve.


A certain group of people has taken it upon themselves to do a letter, one that is going round online addressed to the Church of England to report the actions of Prince Odoemena.



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