Ahmad Isah, a human rights activist who helps people get justice, has come under criticism for slapping a woman who allegedly assaulted a child.

A trending BBC Africa Eye documentary by Peter Nkanga, a journalist, captured Isah’s assault, slapping a lady who was accused of setting her brother’s daughter on fire over an allegation that she is a witch.

Isah, popularly called ‘ordinary president’, hosts a long-running radio and television programme known as ‘Brekete Family’.

He asked how she confirmed the girl was a witch. “Nobody…I don’t know what came over me. Please, I’m begging for forgiveness.”

“Tell me what happened, I’ll give you one last chance”, Isah commanded. “I don’t know what happened”, the woman replied.

Within a few seconds, he lost his cool and slapped her. “It’s a form of mob justice”, Nkanga protested.

Watch the video below:

Nigerians on Twitter are condemning the action and accusing the Brekete anchor of taking laws into his hands.

Below are some Twitter reactions.

Lilian Ogazi wrote: “Absolutely nothing justifies this! The height of unprofessionalism on all levels! A slap! I wonder how many of these we don’t see….. Human rights!… That’s raw assault on tape. And Its wrong. Let’s say the truth!

“He has absolutely no right or authority to lay his hands on her. He assaulted her and has committed a crime, and did so on camera for us to see? This is beyond messiah complex. This is anti human rights”, Jake Okechukwu Effoduh tweeted.

Isah, via his handle @breketeconnect, seemingly reacted to the backlash. “My God has made me bigger than the sponsors of my detractors”, he posted.


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