Reps want the NCC to shut down the mobile network in four Sokoto local governments

Touchaheart Nigeria reports that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has been recommended by the House of Representatives to stop mobile network connectivity in four local governments in Sokoto State.

Bodinga, Dange Shuni, and Tureta are the impacted local governments.

The local government shares borders with Zamfara State, which has implemented such a program.

The NCC had previously declared the suspension of telecommunications operations in Zamfara State in order to put a stop to bandit activity in the state.

Following the acceptance of a motion of urgent public concern proposed by Shehu Kakale of Sokoto State, the parliamentarians passed the resolution on Thursday.

Bandits fleeing Zamfara State, according to Kakale, have flooded those local governments and launched planned attacks on towns.

Between the 1st and 3rd of September, bandits raided Galma, Dutse, Buolere, and Hausare villages in Wababe district, according to him.

He claimed that the program will aid in the reduction of attacks on such communities, which has caused a humanitarian catastrophe in the state.

“There are already 100 dwellings with over 500 people and families relocated from the local governments of Tureta and Dange-Shuni,” he said.

The congressman urged the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to help the affected victims as soon as possible.

He also demanded that the Forward Operation Bases in Dange-Shuni and Tureta local governments be re-enforced by the military and other security services.

The House voted in favor of the motion as prayed.


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