BBNAIJA Female Housemates With Special Tattoos


According to Touchaheart Nigeria, body tattoos have become the standard in most industrialized countries as more individuals embrace the notion of its beauty, as well as what it represents and the unique reasons for obtaining one.

So many people have special tattoos that reflect something important in their lives or serve as a reminder of something significant.

The following are four Big Brother Naija female reality personalities with unique tattoos and their meanings:

Mercy Eke

Mercy, who was dubbed “Pepper Dem Gang” after winning Big Brother Naija in 2019, has exquisite and unique flower and written phrase tattoos on her body. The huge rose bloom on her back is the most meaningful tattoo on her body.

BBNAIJA Female Housemates With Special Tattoos

Mercy EkeMercy Eke


The rose tattoo, according to websites that explain the meaning of tattoos, can indicate a recollection of a loved one, beauty, innocence, and love.

Angel Smith

Angel is a housemate in the ongoing season of the Big Brother Naija tagged “Shine Ya Eye’. The 21 years old reportedly have 11 tattoos all over her body. While the other tattoos are not very visible to tell their meaning, the huge one on her thigh is a dragon.

BBNAIJA Female Housemates With Special Tattoos

Angel SmithAngel Smith


The meaning of the dragon tattoo, according to Japanese and Chinese culture, is good luck, protection of home and family, knowledge, peace, strength, and power.

Nengi Hampson

Nengi, who came in third place in the 2020 ‘lockdown’ edition, has tattoos all over her body and ankle. The one on her thigh, which is written in Russian, is the most meaningful.

BBNAIJA Female Housemates With Special Tattoos

Nengi Rebecca Hampson


Nengi Rebecca Hampson, according to reports, the Russian text means “Never make the same mistake twice”.


Venita Akpofure

The 2019 edition contestant has multiple meaningful tattoos on her body. On her lower back, she has a large tattoo of an eagle which represents power, dominance, freedom, luck, clarity, focus, spirituality, and is known as the enemy of evil.

BBNAIJA Female Housemates With Special Tattoos

Venita Akpofure


Benita Akpofure, on her hand, tattooed the first letters of her name with a queen crown on top of it.


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