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#BBNaija: Why White Money Could Win the N90M Grand Prize in Season 6

#BBNaija: Why White Money Could Win the N90M Grand Prize in Season 6

The season six finale of BBNaija is finally here, after weeks of heated drama and intrigue.

With Twitter’s operation banned and an uneventful start, the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition began with less engagement than last year.

However, it wasn’t long before the show’s trademark buzz reappeared. Now in its final week and hours before the winner is announced, all eyes are on who will take home the N90 million grand prize.

White Money, born Hazel Oyeze Onou, is one of the housemates many would bet a fortune on as this year’s potential winner ahead of Sunday’s finale.

The entrepreneur rose from relative obscurity to become one of the most talked-about housemates, and he appears to be on track to win the grand prize.

Examine the 29-year-old photographer’s journey to becoming a major contender for the show’s grand prize, as well as his chances of winning.

1. White Money and the ‘cooking strategy’

White Money is a truism based on the adage that he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Winning the hearts of other housemates and the show’s lovers is anything but easy in a game full of different personalities.

However, the entrepreneur had a plan.
White Money is no stranger to cooking, having previously operated a restaurant, and his culinary talents were one of his show’s biggest assets.

BBN White Money

The businessman established himself as the go-to person for food-related concerns in the home from the beginning of the show, and as a result, he earned the hearts of many of his coworkers.

When the other housemates were asleep after a task or party, the Enugu-born entrepreneur could be found in the kitchen washing plates, preparing meals, and tidying up.

In a world where his actions are uncommon, he quickly drew the attention of the show’s fans, particularly those who support gender equality in the home.

2. Pere BBNaija and White Money



Pit yourself against Pere Whitemoney and Pere BBNaija.
The showdown between White Money and Pere is one of the highlights of this year’s BBNaija.

When Pere became the head of house, he requested a change in the status quo because he was uncomfortable with White Money handling all of the kitchen labor in the house (HoH).

White Money, the 36-year-old visual artist and actor, was accused of utilizing “kitchen monopoly” to sway the hearts of others in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ house, according to the 36-year-old.

“I know he (White Money) is not complaining but he has to relax. Another individual will be in charge of the kitchen and others can assist. If the next HoH wishes to continue the trend, then it’s fine,” he had said.
“The whole essence of this is to reduce monopoly. I’m very direct about this because the kitchen monopoly is not healthy. I hate anything monopoly.”

The move, which led in a fight between the two, generated a firestorm of criticism, with some housemates and show enthusiasts opposing Pere’s stance.

The fight boosted White Money’s reputation, as his handling of the situation touched the hearts of many who would later become followers.

It also gained him more support from the housemates, who had previously denounced Pere’s actions after his decision backfired and caused a problem in the house’s food management.

If he wins the show’s big prize, the incident will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the elements that contributed to the show’s fans’ warm feelings for him.

Despite the bad consequences, it is worth noting that the confrontation increased Pere’s renown because he was able to effectively handle the negative view of him as a “dictator” at the time.

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