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How ‘Barbie’ Surgeon Destroys Bodies In Botched Operation, Faces Jail Term

How 'Barbie' Surgeon Destroys Bodies In Botched Operatio
How ‘Barbie’ Surgeon Destroys Bodies In Botched Operation, Faces Jail Term

After a botched operation, a ‘Barbie’ surgeon faces jail time.

The “Barbie Doctor,” a beautiful cosmetic surgeon, is on trial for allegedly mutilating at least eleven patients in botched procedures.

How 'Barbie' Surgeon Destroys Bodies In Botched Operatio

Touchaheart Nigeria reports that Olgica Markanovic and her associate, who has been identified only as Jasmina T. because to tight local privacy rules, are accused of performing botched procedures without a license.

One of the alleged victims alleges she requested that her nose and eyebrows be raised, but was instead left with a scorched face and unable to open her eyes for seven days.

On June 1, 2021, Markanovic was apprehended at the Serbia-Croatia border after a number of patients complained of scars and injuries after she conducted cosmetic surgery on them.

Due to the absence of Jasmina T, who is about to give birth, the initial attempt by prosecutors to commence the trial was postponed. This is the trial’s second attempt.

Prosecutors have asked for a three-year prison sentence for Markanovic and a one-year sentence for her co-conspirator Jasmina T.

From May 2020 until March this year, Markanovic allegedly performed unlawful and unlicensed cosmetic treatments on at least 11 persons.

According to local media site Telegraf, she allegedly used a “plasma pen” on her patients, causing irreversible harm to their faces in the form of second- and third-degree burns.

The pair is also accused of using the medication lidocaine chloride as a local anesthetic, which is believed to have put the lives of the persons they were operating on in jeopardy because it may have produced an allergic response, which can lead to death in some situations.

Markanovic has vehemently denied doing medical treatments without a valid license.

According to Telegraf, she defended herself, arguing that the treatments she provided to her patients were aesthetic in nature and that she never marketed herself as a medical expert.

She allegedly stated that the plasma pen was a cosmetic device and that she had a certificate to operate it, as well as that any damage incurred by patients were due to their failure to follow rigorous recovery guidelines, such as avoiding tanning beds or exposing their skin to sunlight.

In March 2021, a group of at least eleven men and women filed a complaint against the suspect, alleging that she disfigured them after treating them at her salon in Belgrade, Serbia.

One male victim, who did not want his name published, told Croatian news source Blic:

“When I met her she introduced herself as the ‘President of Aesthetics’.”

He added:

“She then introduced herself to my girlfriend as a qualified doctor.”

Another unnamed victim informed the Croatian news site Jutarnji that she went to the suspect’s salon to get her nose and eyebrows lifted, but ended up with burns all over her face.

She went on to say that she could barely open her eyes for seven days, and that ordinary actions like eating and drinking became agonizing for her for several months owing to the scars on her face.

Despite the fact that the suspect has been named in eleven cases, she is said to have treated over 20 persons, all of whom have suffered medical injuries.

The ‘President of Aesthetics,’ according to Blic, may face up to three years in prison and a fine.

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