House Of Representatives Air Conditioning Breaks Down


Touchaheart reports that the House of Representatives raced through the legislative business of the day on Tuesday, blaming the terrible heat in the chamber when the air conditioner broke down.


Rep. Haruna Dederi (APC-Kano), a member of the House, has requested that the plenary be adjourned through a Point of Order.


While raising the order, he said;

“Sir Order 7 of the rules of this House has given you powers to absolutely control whatever goes on here to preserve decorum.

“To preserve the atmosphere within which we should operate. We are suffocating because the place is extremely hot.

In my opinion Sir, we could have a way of either adjourning the business of the day or give time so that the air conditioners can be out in proper shape.

Whatever thing that you can do to save us from this physical situation in which we live”.


In his response , the Speaker said;

“It is a good point and it it something i just conferred with the deputy speaker, i think what we would do is, that is why i said read your titles and go to your prayers we put the question no debates and we try and run through this as quickly as we can, because we have a couple of matters under consideration for committee of the whole, which i think we should quickly address.

We take this one and go straight to consideration of reports, so we can leave here”.


The House will be cutting short business for the second time on Tuesday due to inconvenient air conditions in the Chamber.



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