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Chelsea Earned Their First Win In The Women’s Champions League This Season With A Strong Performance Against Juventus

Chelsea Earned Their First Win In The Women’s Champions League This Season With A Strong Performance Against Juventus

Touchaheart Nigeria reports that at the Allianz Stadium, Erin Cuthbert’s magnificent solo goal had placed the visitors ahead after just over half an hour.

Barbara Bonansea volleyed in from a cross for Juventus almost immediately.

Pernille Harder, on the other hand, handed Chelsea the victory when she scored the game-winning goal in a packed area.

Relive Juventus versus Chelsea here

After a 3-3 draw with Wolfsburg in their first game, Chelsea now has four points from two games in Group A.

Harder’s goal for the Blues added to her remarkable start to the season, as the Denmark international’s recent strike was her fifth in all competitions.

The 28-year-old also scored a late equalizer against Wolfsburg, whom she left last summer to join Chelsea.

Pernille Harder

“I feel like I am in a flow,” said Harder, who has 32 goals in 40 Champions League games.

“I have had a good pre-season and feel I have adapted into the team. We keep developing, me and also the team – and I like that.”

Chelsea boss Emma Hayes praised her new recruit’s contribution since joining, saying: “She had an outstanding performance.

“She is a key player for this team and I am so delighted she is part of this squad.”

In Turin, Hayes’ side faced a formidable assignment against a club that had won their previous 11 games in a row, including eight clean sheets at home.

Cuthbert received the ball outside the box, danced past defenders, and tapped home in the 31st minute, through Juventus’ near-impenetrable defense.

It temporarily quieted the home crowd, but Juventus’ answer was as remarkable as it was quick, with Lisa Boattin playing a deep ball into the far side of the box, where Bonansea had gotten ahead of the defense to drive inside the near post.

Chelsea had scored first only to concede for the second time in as many games in the competition.

They replied by retaking the lead, unlike against Wolfsburg, when they fell behind 3-1 before coming back for a tie.

In the second half, the visitors were the superior team and were rewarded for their offensive energy when Harder scored following superb work by Fran Kirby and Sam Kerr.

Chelsea were only prevented from winning by a larger margin by a brilliant late save by Pauline Peyraud-Magnin to keep out Kerr’s effort.

Chelsea takes on Juventus, the Serie A Femminile champions, on Matchday 2 of the group stage. Juventus defeated Servette last week to grab the early lead in the group.

Servette is losing huge yet again, this time against Wolfsburg, who Chelsea just drew with last week.

In other words, a victory would be wonderful.

Hayes has chosen all of the major names as predicted after rotating over the weekend, lining up in a 3-4-3 formation.

Here we go!

Juventus starting lineup (4-3-3):
Peyraud Magnin | Boattin, Salvai, Gama (c), Lundorf | Cernoia, Pedersen, Rosucci | Hurtig, Girelli, Bonansea

Substitutes from: Aprile, Hyyrynen, Nilden, Staskova, Giai, Zamanian, Caruso, Bonfantini, Beccari, Pfattner, Lenzini

Chelsea starting lineup (3-4-3):
Berger | Eriksson (c), Carter, Bright | Reiten, Ji, Leupolz, Cuthbert | Harder, Kerr, Kirby

Substitutes from: Musovic, Telford, Nouwen, Ingle, England, Fleming, Mjelde, Charles, Spence, J.Andersson, Fox

10/13/2021, 1:54:37 PMDavid Pasztor
And there’s the final whistle! Chelsea win!

10/13/2021, 1:54:07 PMDavid Pasztor
We play on after a 2-minute delay for treatment. Ingle clears it long from midfield.

10/13/2021, 1:51:42 PMDavid Pasztor
Another strong clearance from Andersson as Juve press for a late equalizer. Chelsea holding fast. Straskova goes for power from 25 yards. Straight into the arms of Berger, who safely holds on, then wastes some time for a supposed finger injury.

10/13/2021, 1:50:55 PMDavid Pasztor
Berger beats away a tight angle shot, but Juve have a late corner. It’s low and hard, but Chelsea able to run it clear safely and ice it down the pitch.

10/13/2021, 1:48:34 PMDavid Pasztor
Juve free kick from deep. It reaches a friendly head, but there is no power on the attempt and Berger collects it safely.

10/13/2021, 1:46:24 PMDavid Pasztor
Kerr crosses from the left. Ingle arrives at the far post, but her shot is blocked for a corner. The corner’s delayed however as a Juve player cannot continue and we wait for the sub.

10/13/2021, 1:44:36 PMDavid Pasztor
Berger catches a cross.

10/13/2021, 1:41:45 PMDavid Pasztor
Kirby off, Andersson on to play actual left back. Reiten moves further forward.

10/13/2021, 1:39:05 PMDavid Pasztor
Ingle sends a ball down the right channel for Harder. She collects initially but is then bodied off by the defender, who wins a goal kick.

10/13/2021, 1:37:08 PMDavid Pasztor
Cernoia absolutely destroys Reiten, but fortunately Eriksson makes a crucial block at the front post. Chelsea clear the resulting corner.

10/13/2021, 1:34:53 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea play it around from a corner, but no one’s there to take advantage of a fancy blind pass from Leupolz.

10/13/2021, 1:33:01 PMDavid Pasztor
Ingle on for Ji to add some solidity to the middle

10/13/2021, 1:32:42 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea’s front three causing havoc once again. Kriby’s shot is blocked, but Kerr picks up the ball at the top of the box and pings one towards the top corner. Goalkeeper produces an outstanding save to push it onto the woodwork!

10/13/2021, 1:30:42 PMDavid Pasztor
Juventus make a couple substitutions, including taking Bonansea off.

10/13/2021, 1:29:21 PMDavid Pasztor
Juventus almost with an immediate response, but Hurtig puts her shot into the side-netting with Bright in close attention.

10/13/2021, 1:28:34 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea’s front three combine to create a great chance for Kerr, which is blocked. But the loose ball is pounced upon by Harder, who makes no mistake. 2-1!!

10/13/2021, 1:25:07 PMDavid Pasztor
Fleming on for Cuthbert. Chelsea switching to more of a 4-2-3-1 with Carter wide right.

10/13/2021, 1:24:00 PMDavid Pasztor
Juve free kick, 25 yards out, central. Cernoia curls it low around the wall, but can’t get to curl it inside the post.

10/13/2021, 1:21:40 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea keeping up the pressure, but Kirby’s cross is cleared. Juve counter 4-v-4. Chelsea get back quickly, but the cross still causes havoc. Berger comes out well, and collects ahead of Hurtig. Berger down briefly from the collision but able to carry on.

10/13/2021, 1:18:25 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea cross from the right, over the head of everyone, but Reiten collects on the far side. She picks out Harder with a nice square ball towards the penalty spot, but Harder’s side-footed finish misses the front post by inches. Chance, that!

10/13/2021, 1:17:06 PMDavid Pasztor
Leupolz tries her luck from 20+; well over the bar.

10/13/2021, 1:15:07 PMDavid Pasztor
Kerr and Kirby try to make something happen, but Juve able to clear. Harder almost gets lucky to win the ball back, but the bounce favors the defender.

10/13/2021, 1:12:31 PMDavid Pasztor
Juve with a cross from the right this time, but it’s just over the head of Hurtig all alone in the center. Chelsea counter quickly, but Harder misses the target.

10/13/2021, 1:11:40 PMDavid Pasztor
Juve cross from the left. A Juve player crumbles in the area under close attentions from Eriksson, but no call from the referee, and no VAR to intervene.

10/13/2021, 1:10:34 PMDavid Pasztor
Leupolz leaves one in on Cernoia, who stays down. No card. Cernoia able to carry on after a brief pause.

10/13/2021, 1:07:57 PMDavid Pasztor
Kerr chases a ball down the right channel, but the goalkeeper’s out alertly to clear.

10/13/2021, 1:04:07 PMDavid Pasztor
No changes for either side. Chelsea restart proceedings.

10/13/2021, 12:47:15 PMDavid Pasztor
No added on time as the referee’s whistle goes right on 45. 1-1.

10/13/2021, 12:46:55 PMDavid Pasztor
Juve goalkeeper dallies on the ball, and waits and waits and waits some more, eventually seeing her attempted long ball blocked by Kerr. Unfortunately for us, the rebound bounces wide of the net!

10/13/2021, 12:44:55 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea corner after Reiten’s cross is blocked. Cuthbert takes it, inswinging. Harder can’t quite win it at the near post. The ball comes out to Leupolz at the top, but her shot is blocked.

10/13/2021, 12:43:04 PMDavid Pasztor
Kirby wins the ball high up, but her early ball in towards Kerr is well covered, much to her own frustration.

10/13/2021, 12:42:01 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea looking for a response, but Juve comfortable at the back.

10/13/2021, 12:38:53 PMDavid Pasztor
Another cross from deep from Juve, this time from the left, and Bonansea has the beaten of Reiten, and has the beating of Berger as well on the shot just inside the post. 1-1.

10/13/2021, 12:36:52 PMDavid Pasztor
Harder crosses from the left finding Kerr all alone at the far post. She heads back instead of going for goal, but is flagged offside anyway.

10/13/2021, 12:36:05 PMDavid Pasztor
Great through ball down the left channel from Juve to the speedy Hurtig, but Carter again keeps up with her and prevents a shot until Hurtig eventually runs out of pitch.

10/13/2021, 12:33:01 PMDavid Pasztor
Erin Cuthbert takes over, dribbles in from the right, slices through the defense, and finishes with her left cleanly and assuredly into the corner. 1-0, CHELSEA!

10/13/2021, 12:30:34 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea lose the ball in midfield and Juve briefly have a 3-v-3. They slow down a bit, then look to square to Hurtig. Bright misses her interception, but Ji tracks back excellently to win the ball and clear the danger.

10/13/2021, 12:29:09 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea play the ball around for a while, then try to find Harder down the left channel. The pass is too strong however and Juve have a goal kick.

10/13/2021, 12:26:26 PMDavid Pasztor
Bright tries her luck with a blast from 25 yards. Over the bar.

10/13/2021, 12:25:56 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea turn the ball over in midfield and Hurtig can run at the backline at pace. She loses Bright easily, but Carter stays with her stride for stride and emerges with the ball, cleanly even! Great defending.

10/13/2021, 12:23:07 PMDavid Pasztor
Cernoia down briefly for Juve after contact from Ji. Looks able to carry on.

10/13/2021, 12:20:17 PMDavid Pasztor
Another deep cross from Juventus, this time from the right, finding Bonansea at the penalty spot. Her looping header is just over the bar. Not sure Berger had it covered…

10/13/2021, 12:18:06 PMDavid Pasztor
Juve try a long ball into the area from deep left. Reiten’s got it covered and lets it run out for a goal kick.

10/13/2021, 12:16:00 PMDavid Pasztor
Cuthbert plays through to Kerr. She’s kept onside by a defender in the middle, but her square ball deflects off a defender and into the arms of the goalkeeper. Chelsea knocking on the door.

10/13/2021, 12:13:56 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea build again, but two players get in each other’s way, then Eriksson’s long shot is block by her own teammate in the area.

10/13/2021, 12:13:16 PMDavid Pasztor
Long ball down the left for Kerr to chase. She tries to find Kirby on the underlap, but the ball is a bit behind her and the chance is gone.

10/13/2021, 12:10:49 PMDavid Pasztor
Great defending 1-v-1 by Bright, not only to defend but win the ball and launch the counter. Referee however pulls it back for a phantom foul. Unlucky.

10/13/2021, 12:09:53 PMDavid Pasztor
Chelsea with some space to attack, but Kirby checks back. Reiten eventually puts in a cross, but Juve clear.

10/13/2021, 12:09:04 PMDavid Pasztor
Harder with a mazy run, has to settle for a corner. Chelsea play the corner around, then put it in the box, but Juve goalkeeper collects. Bonansea stays down briefly afterwards following contact from Leupolz, but is able to carry on.

10/13/2021, 12:06:29 PMDavid Pasztor
Great long ball from Carter out wide to Reiten. Her cross is cleared however.

10/13/2021, 12:05:25 PMDavid Pasztor
Harder sends a long ball down the right channel for Kerr to chase. She’s covered by two defenders and the goalkeeper collects to play out calmly.

10/13/2021, 12:04:28 PMDavid Pasztor
Good pressure from Chelsea but Juve able to play out. But they get their wires crossed at halfway and pass it out for a throw.

10/13/2021, 12:03:26 PMDavid Pasztor
Early pressure from Juventus down the right. Cuthbert gets her head to the cross but heads it straight up. Chelsea try to clear but can’t get it out of the box. Hurtig lobs it towards goal but Berger’s got it covered.

10/13/2021, 12:01:41 PMDavid Pasztor
The teams are out, Juve in their zebra stripes, Chelsea in the usual blues with the yellow accents and blue socks. A good crowd on hand for this, as Juve get us underway, but not before the players take a knee.

Team Juventus Femminile                                                Team Chelsea Women
 38%                                                                                 62%
 8                                                                                       12
                                                   Shots on Target
 2                                                                                        3
 1                                                                                       10


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