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Royal Physicians Instructs Queen Elizabeth, 95,To Stop Drinking In Order ‘To Make sure She’s As Fit And Healthy As Possible’

Queen Elizabeth
Royal Physicians Instructs Queen Elizabeth, 95,To Stop Drinking In Order ‘To Make sure She’s As Fit And Healthy As Possible’

Touchaheart Nigeria reports that Royal physicians have ‘directed the Queen to stop drinking.’

Due to her hectic autumn itinerary, Her Majesty, who is in good physical health and has been observed using a walking stick during recent engagements in Wales for no apparent medical reason, has supposedly been advised to avoid alcohol except for exceptional occasions.

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Doctors have also provided the advise ahead of the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee festivities next June, according to two people close to the monarch reported in a magazine.

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A family friend is claimed to have told Vanity Fair’s Katie Nicholl that Queen Elizabeth has been instructed to give up her evening drink, which is generally a martini. ‘It’s not a big concern for her; she’s not a big drinker, but it seems a little unjust that she’s having to give up one of her few joys at this point in her life.’

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The monarch is rarely seen drinking in public, but palace sources say that, like her son Prince Charles, her preferred alcoholic beverage is a dry martini.

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The 95-year-old is also said to like a glass of sweet wine with supper, while her late relative Margaret Rhodes is said to have drank a glass of champagne before bed.

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‘The alcohol is gone,’ a second insider told the magazine, ‘and her physicians want to make sure she’s as fit and healthy as possible.’

Dubonnet and gin, the Queen Mother’s favorite cocktail, is said to be a popular choice among Her Majesty’s guests.

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