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No Justice For Female Corper Dehumanized By Military Officer, As Army ‘Rewards’ Suspect

No Justice For Female Corper Dehumanized By Military Officer, As Army ‘Rewards’ Suspect
No Justice For Female Corps Member Dehumanized By Military Officer, As Army ‘Rewards’ Suspect
No Justice For Female Corper Dehumanized By Military Officer, As Army ‘Rewards’ Suspect


Several weeks after Ezeiruaku Ifeyinwa Fidelia, a female corps member who was publically humiliated and dehumanized by a female military commander, justice appears to be a long way off, according to Touchaheart Nigeria.

Touchaheart Nigeria reports that Several institutions and individuals, including Minister of Women’s Affairs Pauline Tallen, who had previously vowed to personally grab the bull by the horns and pursue justice, appear to be dragging their feet at the present.

This was evident in a letter she wrote to a famous radio station, in which she bemoaned the way she had been abandoned to her destiny.

She expressed regret that instead of allowing the aforementioned female officer to face the wrath of the law, she was rewarded by letting her to enroll on a three-week training in Jaji, Kaduna State, which she captioned “Nothing has occurred after reporting my maltreatment to the military authorities.”

Lieutenant Chika Viola left for a three-week course in Jaji, Kaduna state, after the event, according to her, adding, “I know that after we finish our service year, and I am not here again, the matter would die.”

According to her, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), which should have assisted her in pursuing her case, “did not come to check on me,” adding that “they did not even ask to know the corper they dithered with.”

This online news outlet also learnt that pressures have begun to be mounted on Fidelia to drop the case, as she said “the NYSC now called me and they were saying did I write through them before going to get a lawyer.”

According to her letter, the NYSC “said I should bring down the case” and “gave me a book and biro and instructed me to write that I had withdrawn the lawsuit and that I should write formally through them,” stressing how they have began to prepare “things” against her. I walked away after leaving them. I didn’t write anything and didn’t drop the lawsuit.”

“I am suing Lieutenant Chika Viola and the army authorities,” Fidelia stated, adding that she has made up her mind to pursue justice through all legal avenues. I’m bringing a lawsuit against both of them.”

When the video showing Lieutenant Chika Viola publically abusing, maltreating, and dehumanizing Fidelia went viral, various organizations, groups, and individuals came out to blame the female military officer, vowing to risk their lives to pursue justice for Fidelia.

Touchaheart Nigeria, on the other hand, noticed that, as of the time of publishing this report, none of these groups, organizations, or individuals had followed through on their promises, leaving her to her fate.


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