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See Why Cute Abiola, An Instagram Comedian, Was Detained By The Nigerian Navy

Comedian Cute Abiola Serving One Month Punishment For Ridiculing Police 
See Why Cute Abiola, An Instagram Comedian, Was Detained By The Nigerian Navy

Cute Abiola, an Instagram comedian, is being held by the Nigerian Navy (NN) for breaking the Armed Forces of Nigeria’s social media policy.

Touchaheart Nigeria reports Cute Abiola was reported missing by a fellow comic, Mr. Macaroni, who cited the wife.

In response to the story, Cdre Suleman Dahun, Director of Information, Navy Headquarters, stated the comedian was arrested for violating the Armed Forces’ social media policy.

“Cute Abiola is not missing !!! He is in custody for breaching Armed Forces Social Media Policy,” the Navy spokesperson said.

The Armed Forces Act 2017 establishes social media norms to prevent members of the Armed Forces from engaging in unethical behavior on social media, particularly behavior that could expose them to enemy traps or jeopardize ongoing military operations.

“Personnel should not post their pictures or those of their colleagues in military uniforms, or pictures containing military structures, platforms, and other military-related items,”

said one of the slew of cautions in the guidelines.

The guidelines also include a ‘Dos and Don’ts’ section, which encouraged officers to always ‘like’ postings by all institutions of the Armed Forces but must not use social media languages such as “LWKMD, LMAO, LOL, OMG, BRB in professional posts.”

Military personnel were also required to warn their family members against controversial conducts on social media.

“Personnel will be held liable for any security issues arising from postings in respect of them by civilian friends or relations.

They are, therefore, to educate their friends and relations as necessary regarding military security and what should not be posted on social media,” the guidelines said.

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