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Your Daily Horoscope For Today Tuesday 21 December 2021

Your Daily Horoscope For Today
Your Daily Horoscope For Today Tuesday 21 December 2021

Your Daily Horoscope For Today Tuesday 21 December 2021

Christmas is almost here, but is your sign ready for the festivities?

The horoscope for today suggests that you put a special emphasis on your social life.

If you’re spending the holidays with friends and family, Pisces, now is an excellent time to settle any differences.

Cancer, are you feeling overwhelmed by the desire to connect with others? To avoid becoming stressed, engage in some self-care.

Do you want to know what your luck has in store for you today? Find out what your Zodiac sign is in the daily horoscope below.

Aries- Two Of Cups

Today, you may overspend on a real estate property and chances of expenditure remain high. You may take some wrong decisions due to your low-esteem today. Be careful with transactions and analyse the pros and cons to avoid losses. Travelling is likely on the cards, which may prove beneficial for you in the long run.

Taurus- Page Of Pentacles

Today, you may have to borrow a loan to expand your business. Matters related to property dealings, especially of land and building, will be resolved. Your child’s happiness will give you a lot of mental satisfaction. Be dedicated towards your work to achieve success.

Gemini: Reverse of Queen of Wands

Dear Geminis, there is no point crying over the spilled milk as it won’t help you to solve the problem. Let bygones be bygones and make a fresh start. Today, you may have to make important decisions. Being in the company of religious and spiritual leaders may increase your mental peace and satisfaction.

Cancer: The Hermit

Today, you may face some interruptions and obstacles at work. If your machinery at the workplace is obsolete, then you are advised to make changes according to Vastu. This will be beneficial. You may get marriage proposals for your children.

Leo: Ace of Wands

You may have to face the hurdles of the administration today. Avoid doing things in haste at the workplace and wait for the right time. The cards say that you may purchase a new vehicle today. On the romantic front, you are likely to spend quality time with your partner.

Virgo: Queen of Cups

You might feel a little lonely today, Virgo. You are advised to respond carefully to any question and be cautious of your words. You may have to face wrong accusations at your workplace, so be cautious. You may also land in a dispute with your parents and you are advised to remain calm.

Libra : The Star

Today you may have to change certain decisions that you took in the past. It’s time for you to take tough calls related to your children’s matters. You may face some hurdles in your official work, but your wisdom will help you tackle the situation and solve it. You can expect some casual gains on the financial front.

Scorpio: Reverse Of Death

Your long-pending dream of owning a house may be fulfilled today. Don’t lie or else you may land in some trouble. Your colleagues may question your style of working.

Sagittarius: The Sun

You may purchase new clothes today and your strong communication skills will impress everyone. You are likely to have benefits if you make positive changes in your lifestyle. Do not allow others to interfere in your personal life. On the work front, co-workers may bother you.

Capricorn: Two Of Swords

There are chances that you may land in a dispute over land and property matters. Your opponents will remain active and your progress may trigger jealousy for some people in society. An old disease is likely to re-surface and you are not going to get back your pending money anytime soon.

Aquarius: The Fool

You may have to seek help from people around you to get your work done today. You will enjoy your favourite food and your mother’s health will improve. You are advised to chant Lord Hanuman’s hymns for peace and prosperity at home.

Pisces: Nine of Pentacles

Time is not favourable for you, Pisceans! So, remain alert when you are trying to help others; the tables may turn. You may have to take the advice of seniors to make an important decision. Your stubborn nature might sour some interpersonal relations.


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