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All Visitors To Aso Rock Will Be Tested For COVID-19 – Presidency

All Visitors To Aso Rock Will Be Tested For COVID-19 – Presidency


Everyone visiting the presidential villa in Abuja would be subjected to a COVID-19 exam, according to the administration.


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that visitors will be subjected to fast COVID testing, which are designed to determine whether or not someone is infected with the virus in a matter of minutes, according to Presidential spokeswoman Garba Shehu.


He explained that the decision was necessitated by a global increase in the number of COVID infections, particularly the Omicron variety. The test, which will take place at the villa’s entrance, is free of charge.


Shehu said;


“Yes, a new regime of COVID-19 regulation has been put in place for all visitors to the Villa, not for Governors alone.


“Every visitor to the Villa, not just those seeing the president, is now required to do a rapid test at the gate.


“The kits are freely issued so no one is required to make payment. This is purely temporary in view of the recent spike in cases, and will be removed any moment the situation abates. It’s a growing practice in government offices in many countries.


“Although some exceptions have been made for a few leaders in government coming from outside the Villa, they too are encouraged to do those tests.


“This policy has rightfully been justified following the discovery of COVID-19 positivity in some of those tested since the last few days of the practice.”

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