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Kaffy Hits Back On Trolls Who Criticizes Her (See Why Kaffy Got Divorced)

Kaffy Hits Back On Trolls Who Criticizes Her (See Why Kaffy Got Divorced)

Kaffy Hits Back On Trolls Who Criticizes Her (See Why Kaffy Got Divorced)


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that the pair married in 2012 and have two children as a result of their union.


Kaffy has now declared that she and her ex-husband are divorced, but that the split is amicable and that she wishes her ex-husband all the best.


An Instagram user responded by saying that by divorcing, she has taught millions of young people who look up to her that “divorce is a thing to do.”


The Instagram user added:

“You just showed us the wrong way, you just made kids that will grow with the stigma of divorce and the tails will show in time, you just chose the woke world way…


“You just joined the bandwagon to promote the destruction of the first ministry God made on earth.”


Responding, Kaffyi told the Instagram user that he is not her “author”.


“You can’t write my story to fit your narrative,” the professional dancer added.


In a follow-up comment, the Instagram user reminded Kaffy and others who disagreed with him that God can cure anything and that it is “better to die doing the will of God than to live and do ours”.


See Why Kaffy Got Divorced


Kafayat Oluwatoyin Shafau, a Nigerian choreographer and dance instructor better known by her stage name Kaffy, spoke about her marriage and what led to her husband Joseph Ameh’s divorce.


In one of her new podcasts, “Mindful,” Kaffy stressed that divorce and separation should not be nasty and angry.


She explained;


“I have always wanted to see my Ex in the best version of him, even taking a chance of breaking this marriage was also to see that we both grew to be what we really are suppose to be,


“Marriage is supposed to be an alignment of destinies driving towards a place God wants for them, mine really didn’t work out that way, and rather than looking at someone as a problem, sometimes you could be the person’s problem,


“Dancing makes me happy because i have seen how i fell about it and how i feel about what it does when i do it to other people,


” I am someone that people pleases and i really have to look into that because people pleasing can be dangerous and it can actually lead you into damaging yourself and i have damaged myself for people’s pleasing so much,


” I use to think i am for everybody and i realize that being for everybody means being for nobody but you can be for somebody and being for somebody is what is important,


It’s not about how many,how long, how much the crowd is out there to absorb you, it is about right people absorbing you.”


Kaffy and her husband have two kids together.


Watch sneak peak of the podcast below’


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