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Varsity Workers Go On Strike Indefinitely, Declaring ‘No Pay, No Work.’


Varsity Workers Go On Strike Indefinitely, Declaring ‘No Pay, No Work.’

The workers’ declaration came in response to the federal government’s determination that they should not be paid.

Ibeji Nwokoma, President of NAAT, spoke on their behalf in Abuja, urging his members to remain unfazed and not to be discouraged by the government’s “divide and rule” efforts.

“Today our Union and ASUU have been singled out for the implementation of the policy of “No work, No pay”.

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“Comrades, I, your President and indeed the National Leadership stand with you in this trying moment. Our strike action is legitimate and follows every due process.

“We, therefore, stand on “No pay, No work”. This divide and rule policy of Government shall not work. Be rest assured that we shall come out better, stronger with every dime paid before or on resumption of work. United we stand for our Union makes us strong,” Nwokoma said.

In 2023, the union leader also threatened that members of organised labour will work against anyone who is opposed to workers’ demands.

He said, “I call on all workers in Nigeria and our dear NAAT members to rise up to the occasion by ensuring that we participate actively in all political processes and take our destiny in our hands.”

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