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Van driver surrenders to cops after ducklings are ‘crushed to death.’

Can driver kills ducklings

Van driver surrenders to cops after ducklings are ‘crushed to death.’

Three ducklings were allegedly ‘crushed to death’ by an impatient van driver as they crossed a road, and a man has turned himself in to police.

According to Staffordshire Police, the 61-year-old from Stoke on Trent was ‘voluntarily interrogated’ on Sunday.

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Following allegations that the ducklings died as they crossed a road in the Trentham area on Friday, the force initiated an investigation.

Traffic had stopped to allow a family of ducks to cross the road, but motorists were shocked when three of the seven baby ducks were allegedly crushed by a man in a white van.

After a witness shared sad photographs of the ducklings lying on the road, the event drew outrage on social media, prompting many to urge for a criminal investigation.

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An investigation is ongoing to see if any violations of the Wildlife and Countryside Act have occurred.

A Staffordshire Police statement issued on Twitter said: ‘We are aware of a post circulating of a van driver who is believed to have killed ducklings in Trentham.

‘We understand this is an emotive issue for many people and we ask please that you do not take matters into your own hands.’

Can driver kills ducklings

The matter came to light after witness Steven Walley shared his version of events on social media.

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Mr Walley said he was ‘absolutely livid’ after what he described as a ‘despicable act’.

He posted: ‘I’ve just been driving on the A34 at Trentham Gardens when a family of seven ducklings were crossing the road.

‘All the traffic stopped to let them cross but disgustingly this van driver, after initially stopping, could not then wait for the five seconds it would have taken to let them cross and drove straight over them, crushing three of them.’

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Mr Walley followed the van to a layby before he says a ‘very heated’ conversation ensued.

He claims the driver said: ‘I don’t f***ing care’.

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