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See 6 Reasons Why Your Nipples Are In Pain


See 6 Reasons Why Your Nipples Are In Pain

Nipples are extremely sensitive to stimulation as well as discomfort.
The nipples are irritated by both stimulation and discomfort.

When they hurt, wearing a bra may become too painful. While discomfort may not usually signify a significant condition, it might occasionally signal a medical issue that should not be ignored.

Here are a few possible causes of nipple discomfort:

1. Reactions Due To Allergies

Nipples may react to chemicals in soaps, lotions, fabrics, or laundry detergents since they are so sensitive. So, if your nipples pain after switching soaps, it could just be an allergy.

2. Mastitis

Mastitis is a condition that affects both men and women.

This is a serious ailment that necessitates medical attention. It causes painful nipples and breasts and is frequent during nursing. Fatigue, chills, and a fever are among possible side effects. An infection develops when milk remains in the breast for an extended period of time.

3. The Menstrual Cycle

During menstruation, your hormones might go haywire, resulting in sensitive and uncomfortable nipples. The good news is that this type of pain is only temporary, and you won’t need to seek medical help.

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4. Yeast Infection

Got you by surprise? Well, the same yeast infections that affect your private parts can also affect your nipples causing you pain. This mostly happens to women who wear bras with a non-breathable fabric. Breastfeeding mums are also at the risk of getting thrush from their babies. The infections, luckily, are easily treated with antibiotic.

5. Pregnancy

Congratulations on your achievement! You could be a mother any day now. Your nipples could be the first indicator that you’re pregnant, even before you experience morning sickness or a missing period. If you aren’t using birth control or haven’t exercised in a while, the first thing you should do is get a pregnancy test.

6. Exercising Vigorously

Exercise is beneficial to one’s overall health. However, if you need a well-fitting bra for the same, you should do so. Nipple soreness is almost always caused by the improper fabric or an ill-fitting bra.

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