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See The Complete Black Chully Video

Black Chully Video

See The ComplVideos lack Chully Video

After videos of the entertainer went viral on the internet, a prominent Nigerian Tiktoker known as Black Chully is currently trending.

This online news outlet has learned that in the popular Black Chully video, she was seen touching herself and playing with toys. Videos of Black Chully were allegedly shared with a WhatsApp and Telegram group.

Black Chully went live on Instagram to respond to the viral films, claiming that she wasn’t the one who uploaded the videos and that she had no idea who was responsible for their publication.

The Nigerian TikTok star, who was in tears and wailing profusely on the live stream, stated that her admirers are calling her derogatory things and that she has no idea where the leaked recordings came from.

In a subsequent short video, Black Chully stated that she had those videos on her phone and that the recordings were made several years ago, but that she is unable to determine who is behind the distribution of the Black Chully tapes.

Netizens, apparently dissatisfied with her response, wondered why she had so many recordings of herself on her phone, while others wondered if she worked for an online dating or porn site.

Watch The Full Black Chully Video: HERE

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