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Due to £1.9 million fraud, church in Uk owned by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has been shut down-SPAC Nation

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega

Due to £1.9 million fraud, church in Uk owned by Pastor Tobi Adegboyega has been shut down-SPAC Nation

The Salvation Proclaimer Ministries Church, also known as SPAC Nation, has been shut down by the United Kingdom government.

After failing to account for over £1.87 million in outgoings and operating with a lack of openness, the London-based company was shut down.

Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, a 42-year-old Nigerian-born pastor, has been under investigation for several years.

According to reports, he and another spiritual leader, Mariam Mbula, told their parishioners that they needed to raise £100,000 per week.

The church takeover was done in the High Court on June 9 before Judge Burton, according to a statement released by the UK’s Insolvency Service on Friday.

The company’s liquidator has been designated as the Official Receiver.

SPAC Nation, a charity dedicated to advancing Christianity, was founded in 2012, according to the court.

Though it had previously garnered excellent reviews, it came under fire from the media after former church members said they had been financially exploited.

After receiving concerns about SPAC Nation, the Insolvency Service launched its own private investigation into the church group’s operations.

Adedapo Olugbenga Adegboyega, also known as Dapo Adegboyega or Pastor Dapo, was interviewed as part of the investigation.

Adegboyega claimed the church had over 2,000 members and 200 ordained ministers and pastors, but he did not present any supporting evidence.

The government said further enquiries found that SPAC Nation either failed to comply or partially complied with statutory requirements, including providing data to support purported donations.

“The company’s financial statements in the two years to 31 December 2019 set out £610,000 of rent expenditure.

“However, the company did not have a single base of its own and would hire venues across London to hold services, at a significant expense”, the Insolvency Service noted.

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