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Things You May Not Know About Wealth


Things You May Not Know About Wealth

Wealth is among the biggest world illusions ever produced. Logically, it might seem like you earned it, but in reality, you were given it. Just take a look at how different things are everywhere. Why should someone be born in Russia? Why should someone be in America? Why should someone be born in Somalia or China? Why should they all have different levels of wealth?

Communists thought about this for a long time. The very basis of Communism is that everybody should have the same level of wealth. They thought that no one should be rich and that no one should be poor – that all are equal. They thought that everybody is the same and that everybody should share, but the theory has failed miserably!

The principle is logical – one can say it’s wonderful – but in reality, it didn’t work.

If Marx and Lenin were to wake up from their graves, they would be shocked to see what has happened! They would re-write the whole Communist theory!

There is no logical reasoning or explanation behind why someone should be born in Africa and suffer for a piece of bread, while elsewhere, there is so much bread that we throw away. Why do some dogs enjoy the comfort of a home, while others stray on the streets?

What is Wealth?


Wealth is the abundance of valuable financial assets or physical possessions which can be converted into a form that can be used for transactions.

At the most general level, economists may define wealth as “the total of anything of value” that captures both the subjective nature of the idea and the idea that it is not a fixed or static concept.

Individuals and countries measure wealth differently:

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the measure countries usually use to measure their wealth. GDP is a measure of economic output, which is the value of all the goods and services that an economy produces in a specific period of time. The more a country produces, the wealthier it is from a purely economic standpoint.

Individual wealth is usually measured as net worth, which is the value of your aggregate assets after subtracting the value of all your aggregate liabilities. If the value of your assets exceeds the value of your liabilities, you have a positive net worth.

However, Wealth is not about Money or how Rich you are only, Understanding the different types of wealth is essential.

If you weren’t aware, you might commit your entire life trying to achieve financial or social wealth, only to find out later that there are other types of wealth you sacrificed in the process.

Most jobs look to lure you in with the promise of more financial wealth.

This is the typical wealth people strive for in our society.

For this reason, Let’s get to know the Types of Wealth.

Financial Wealth, which is Money / Material Comfort:

Financial Wealth measures how much money or assets someone has accumulated. This type of Wealth is the most obvious and is what most people in our society are working towards.

The pressure to build financial wealth is everywhere and can have a detrimental effect on your ability to achieve other types of wealth.

Building financial wealth also takes time, so please don’t fall victim to “get rich quick”.

Some people are born into wealthy households, while others are not as fortunate. Someone earned all of that fortune simply by being born in the Ford home, and without any further effort. Why does this occur when someone else has worked hard his entire life to earn money?

Isn’t this the crucial query? What makes some people inherit while not others?

The younger generation begins blaming the parents, saying things like, “My father/mother didn’t leave me anything. They wasted all the money while they partied and drank. They abandoned me completely. They are upset with the previous generation since they failed to leave anything for them. Not yet, I suppose. One type of wealth is wealth in the form of material comfort.

Wealth As Health:

There is a saying “Health is Wealth”, Money on its own is insufficient. Some people may be quite wealthy, yet they may not be able to eat properly or they may not have the time. They could have high cholesterol or diabetes. They can’t eat any fried food or anything that is to their taste; everything they consume has to be bland. Due to ulcers or diabetes, they need to exercise extreme caution.

Some people may live in a lovely home with a comfortable bed, but they still struggle to fall asleep. What good is all that wealth? That money is worthless. Health is thus the second form of riches. Despite having little money, some people have enough to eat and are in good health.

Wealth As Success:


To succeed and triumph in whatever endeavor. Do not begin by asking, “What if it doesn’t work?” in order to acquire this prosperity. “Come on, try it and see,” tell yourself. Before acting, one should consider “What if it doesn’t work?” and only thinks negatively, that it won’t work, that it won’t happen, so they plan, they think constantly throughout their life, they worry constantly… yet nothing occurs. Without any acquisition, life simply ends. This represents the seriousness of life.

Wealth As Courage:

Make life into a play or game. Move ahead! Play it risky! Play on. Don’t consider whether you’ll win before you even start the game. How would I feel if I lost? If you lose, so what? Eventually, you’ll succeed! Start having fun! Being fearful of playing, afraid of making errors, and afraid of doing anything in life shows a lack of courage. This fourth form of riches, courage, is available. Lack of bravery is equivalent to lacking money. Even if someone may be very wealthy, life is not enjoyable if they lack bravery. Throughout one’s entire existence, nothing happens. Not useful at all. Regardless of financial circumstances, someone should be commended for their fortitude. It shows that they are rich in something.

Wealth As Friendliness:

being compassionate and feeling a part of something. If you lack a sense of belonging, even if you have other types of wealth, you will still feel as though you are living in a little space. You will continue to feel alienated if you cannot adapt to every circumstance. At most parties, this is what takes place.

Many wealthy people attend parties solely to flaunt their wealth, yet they suffer greatly because they feel so out of place. Just observe the celebrations that occur around the globe. It is known as a “party.” What event? There is sugar-coated suffering there! The populace is stiff. They don’t feel like they belong.

They collide with the shields they have inside of them rather than their hearts. Actually, it looks like a battlefield. Parties are similar to a competition field or a battlefield in that everyone enters with a shield. That certainly isn’t wealth! Do you realize the extreme frustration that members of aristocratic households experience? When their kids witness such hypocrisy, it is very difficult. The entire hippy movement was simply a reaction to this stuffy mindset.

Wealth As Skill:


Having a variety of talents and skills is another wealth. Some people excel at writing, some excel at argumentation, some excel at debates, some excel at music, some excel at playing an instrument, some have wonderful voices, some excel at cooking, some excel at child rearing, some excel at administration, and still others excel at completely unrelated things. If success is only determined by effort, then the thousands of people who work extremely hard should all succeed. Do they, though? How many millions of people must not be making an effort if we all obtain our wealth just by our own efforts? However, this is untrue.
They should all have got what they wished to achieve if it was just a matter of effort – but it is not so.

Wealth As Dignity:

If we observe the natural world with complete awareness, it will teach us many valuable lessons. Be as modest as the grass, and nothing will be able to touch you. You cannot be made to feel inferior by anyone. Those who serve creation are real kings and queens in the sight of the Divine. Be a model servant and walk like a king.

Wealth As Memory of the Source:

Our lives are divided into sections and parts. Every iteration is similar to one whole. We’re “cut off.” We are just aware of our birth; we have no idea how it happened. We are aware of whatever is going on somewhere starting at age three or four. We have a limited amount of memory. This seems to be the only life there is. Our Source is unknown to us. Your entire existence changes the instant you realize who you are and what you’ve done throughout time – similar to someone who is suddenly conscious of how wealthy they are. A change in awareness results from it. You realize all at once, “Oh! In my bank account, I have many billion dollars. You will immediately alter your walking gait! Being conscious of the Source is what this is. Even if you only remember the Source, it will be enough. You don’t even need to remember all the drama you went through. Significant wealth is the recollection of the Source. Life becomes a continuous stream rather than being “cut off” or fragmented as a result.

Kehinde Owoeye

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