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How To Be A Responsible Wife: Things To Do

A Responsible Wife

How To Be A Responsible Wife: Things To Do

Being a responsible wife requires a domesticated woman who is skilled in household duties, and who should be meek and support her husband.

Also, she should be concerned with taking care of the house, and one who knows to make adjustments.

A wife should care for and love her family as a good wife.

She takes care to find a solution while being considerate of the family’s demands.

She attempts to make her spouse happy by understanding when he is frustrated.

Her considerate nature ensures that the family never lacks in any area of life.

You don’t have to display your affection in ornate ways every day. It might just be small acts of affection like the occasional kiss or peck on the cheek, making his favorite breakfast once in a while, or choosing a movie to watch together.

It is acceptable to tell him you love him but wait for the appropriate time to do so and only if it’s true.

Responsibilities Of A Good Wife:

Express Your Love:

Do you cherish your spouse? Do you enjoy being with him and feel secure?

You must love a man if you are committing to a lifetime of marriage with him. But love alone is insufficient.

The expression of that love, among other emotions, is what sustains a partnership.

Tell your husband how much he means to you if you love him.


It’s important to communicate in any relationship. And marriage is no different. Discard the false assumptions that a partner should be aware of the thoughts and desires of the other.

Both you and your hubby are unable to read minds. You might be aware of each other’s tastes and preferences, but you might not be aware of their thoughts or emotions.

Open communication in the marriage means that you tell your husband what you think or feel and what you expect of him.

Talk to your husband – ask, say, and discuss. Avoid the silent treatment, which can make things worse.

Don’t leave your husband guessing about what you want. It will be better to clear your mind, try to figure out what you really want while being honest to yourself, and then communicate that to him.

Be Supportive:

Your husband would need and want your support no matter what he pursues, whether it’s a career, a pastime, or anything else.

Being supportive in a marriage involves more than just being there for your spouse when they’re struggling.

It involves congratulating or applauding him whenever he accomplishes a goal or faces his fear and tries something new.

Not all positive statements are made in the name of support. To motivate him to get better at whatever he’s doing, it’s also important to provide constructive feedback.

For instance, supporting your husband’s new business concept while you are financially secure is a terrific method to increase his confidence and solidify your marriage.

Be His Best Friend:

When a couple is each other’s best friend, it makes for the best marriage. Being in love with your best friend is the best feeling in the world.

This is a real, strong, and profound love. See what a difference it makes to your life if you and your husband can grow a strong friendship.

respect him for who he is
Respectful relationships between spouses make for the happiest marriages.

Your husband is a unique man with all of his shortcomings. Respect someone for who they are rather than what they do for you or their family. In a marriage, respect for each other is essential.

You communicate and interact with one other in a manner that reflects this.

In either public or private, never insult, degrade, hit, or otherwise injure your husband.

Teasing is acceptable in moderation, but insulting is not.

Consider your words carefully and always speak after thinking.

Show An Interest In His Interests:

Your husband’s interests may not always be something you find appealing.

Give your husband the freedom to pursue his interests while demonstrating some interest in what he’s doing.

You are not required to do things that he enjoys. When you want to know more about a game, book, or pastime, ask him.

Find out what he is interested in by doing some research so you may talk to him about those subjects as well.

The possibility of engaging in discussion or an activity you may perform together increases when you share interests.

Respect His Demand For Privacy:

Few individuals are familiar with the idea of “space.” Every person requires their own place. Even married man occasionally need their own space and may feel the need to withdraw to their man cave.

Respect that, give him some room, and let him follow his “just for him” interests and pastimes. Limiting your spouse’s independence and space might be stifling for them and have a bad effect on the marriage.


Effective communication depends on listening, which is possibly even more crucial than talking.

Therefore, when your husband is speaking, make a conscious effort to listen to him and comprehend what he is saying.

Pay attention to him when you’re talking to him. Don’t let distractions from your phone, TV, or music distract you.

Put them away. It demonstrates your respect for your husband when you give him your whole attention while he is speaking.

Show Gratitude:

The yearning to be adored, cherished and praised exists in men as well.

Tell him how much you value the small favors he performs for you, the kids, or the house.

He will work harder for you if you encourage him and let him know that his efforts are appreciated.

You don’t have to praise him to express your admiration.

A straightforward “thank you” will do.

Pick Your Battles Wisely:

Do you know any married couples who get along well?

Two distinctively diverse people who are getting married will have their own differences.

Disputes and disputes can occasionally result in physical altercations. And if there are too many arguments, the relationship may suffer. That does not imply that you always make concessions. No.

It means you must deliberate and choose your battles carefully.

Do you think it’s worthwhile to fight for it?

What’s keeping you from making concessions and occasionally letting your husband have his way? Let it go if it’s a non-issue.

A happy, loving relationship with the man you love can be had if you don’t allow your ego to get in the way of it.

Be Truthful :

A relationship built on trust must start with honesty.

Honesty and open communication are the foundation of long-lasting marriages; lying and cheating have no place in them.

Just as you expect it of him, your husband deserves honesty and truthfulness from you.

Being truthful does not require you to say everything.

In reality, certain truths are unnecessary to speak because they only create harm.

It’s not worth stating that you don’t like his favorite shirt, even if you do. You don’t lie about his lotion, so just pretend you prefer this one by purchasing a different brand.

You may learn how to do it by practicing on small tasks, and this practice will teach you how to communicate important things, such as those related to sex.

Being honest won’t always be simple.

Your husband might get angry with you occasionally, and this could even result in a fight.

But lying can harm a partnership so severely that the partners may find it difficult to regain their trust in one another.

If you tell one lie or betray someone, your husband might never trust you again.

Be Who You Truly Are:

In a relationship, act authentically from the first.

Avoid fake smiles and pretentious laughter and just be yourself.

It can be demanding and detrimental to a relationship to pretend to be someone we are not.

Enjoy Yourself:

Marriage is not always an exciting experience.

The boredom begins to creep in some time along the route. You establish a regimen and carry it out consistently.

If neglected, boredom might result in unhappy feelings. What do you then?

Enjoy yourself and avoid letting boredom ruin your relationship.

Take excursions, road trips, dates, and picnics. or schedule movie evenings, cook.

Increase The Romance

Marriages without romance frequently end in divorce. So turn up the romance a notch or two and return to the fundamentals.

Get flirty, tease him, hug and kiss him passionately before leading him to the bedroom.

Making the first move in a relationship or making love does not imply that you are needy or less than the male.

Therefore, if you feel like doing something romantic, go for it. Surprise him!

Be Creative In Bed :

All men want to know that they are comfortable in bed, among other things.

For them to feel more self-assured and like “da man,” they need to hear it frequently.

Despite this, many men might feel awkward expressing their needs in bed.

However, you ought to be able to discuss and act on your wildest fantasies while you’re married.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to try something novel and unique with your hubby. It can be something that he or you likes.

If you know your husband likes to try new things you suggest, don’t be afraid to tell him what you want to attempt; nevertheless, you must be careful.

“A good wife is Royal in Heart. She is a crown to her husband, and pride to the home where she was raised. She is called a W.I.F.E because she is a Woman In Full Effect.” – Olaotan Fawehinmi

To improve yourself as a wife, try to fulfill these obligations.

– Kehinde Owoeye

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