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Unsual Jobs You May Not Know

Unsual Jobs You May Not Know

Unusual Jobs You May Not Know

Unusual Jobs is a casual or isolated pieces of work, especially one of a routine domestic or manual nature.

Whatever will resonate with you and serve as motivation for a fulfilling career is always a mystery.

Check out these 13 odd occupations that you might not be aware exist.

Professional Cuddler:

Yes, this really does exist. You might be assisting someone who is experiencing medical issues, loneliness, despair, past trauma, or just need an extra cuddle…from a stranger.

Successful professional cuddlers may generate a recurrent clientele or be willing to accept one-time cuddle requests. You might be doing several cuddle sessions a day. You could work from home and make anywhere between $40 and $80 per hour. The hours are flexible.

Water Slide Tester:

Water slide testers evaluate the fun and safety of the water slides in resorts, amusement parks, and hotels. Imagine how wonderful it would be to show up for work each day.

Golf Ball Diver:

Basically, they are recyclers. Golf balls are recovered from waterways on or near golf courses by golf ball divers.

After that, the golf balls are cleaned, repackaged, and sold again. You might work for a company where all you have to do is show up, dive, and get $10 for each ball.

Alternately, you might bargain with independent contractor agreements with golf facilities.

It’s not glamorous labor, frequently requiring heavy lifting and diving into treacherous seas full of dangers of many kinds.

The benefits? Glen Berger claims to have made over $15 million in his career, so you could make up to $100 every hour.

Online Dating Ghostwriter:

Consider taking a job as a contemporary cupid.

Writing profiles that individuals publish on their online dating sites profiles might bring around $900 per month for you. Not everyone has writing talent, but if you do, you might be able to help your clients locate their ideal partners more quickly.

Professional Bridesmaid:

Similar to a wedding planner but not one. Not a celebrant but an important component of a wedding. If you get along with people well and want to make a bride’s wedding day go smoothly, this could be a job to seriously consider. You could also be hired as the bride’s friend for hire, organizer, confidant, or an uncomplaining member of the wedding party.

Hippotherapist :

Hippotherapy literally translates as “treatment with the aid of the horse.” You would use horses’ movement and therapeutic qualities to assist human patients in overcoming speech, physical, or mental health issues.

But having experience with them and loving them is insufficient. Before you may specialize in this area, you must complete your education and obtain licensure as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech-language pathologist.

Pet Food Taster:

Since the pet food market is a multimillion-dollar one, it should not be surprising that it is treated seriously. Pet owners are fussy about the ingredients, health benefits, and fragrance of the food they are feeding their cherished pets, so it’s not just pets who are finicky eaters.

It’s all part of the job description for a pet food taster to evaluate products for their texture, flavor, nutritional value, and packaging.

Bed Inspector:

Professional bed testers typically have transitory jobs that are shockingly uncompetitive. Manufacturers of mattresses and bedding, bed designers, and upscale hotels might need your assistance. You might be compensated to take naps as a way to assess various comfort, sleep, and environmental elements.

If working as a professional sleeper sounds like your ideal occupation, learn more about the duties involved.

Line Stander:

You may turn line-standing into a side business that pays well if you’re patient or perhaps you just like people watching and don’t mind being outside in the weather.

When you get hired, you can find yourself in a line for the latest iPhone, game console, concert, or athletic event tickets, among other things. If someone else needs a spot held because they are too busy or don’t want to wait in line themselves, you would be paid. If you wish to sign up, there are even websites and apps you can use to book these services.

Face Reader:

The term “sensory scientists” is another name for face feelers, and it sounds much more impressive.

In this position, you would use your hands to feel the skin’s differences before and after product testers applied lotions, creams, and other goods.

Paper Towel Sniffer:

Manufacturers of paper towels hire odor judges, sometimes known as paper towel sniffers (there are persons with this job title on LinkedIn). To determine whether things smell good, you would nose test them (or not). However, positions can be few, and you’ll need more than just a keen business sense to compete.

Worm Picker:

Worm pickers spend their days “searching” for and gathering earthworms outside. You might work for universities or other institutions that use the worms for teaching and research, or you might be hired by fishing companies to catch and package bait. Worms can also be sold directly to fishermen for use as bait.

There are no formal requirements, but if you’re paid per thousand worms collected, you’ll need some skills and dedication if you want to make a livelihood from this employment.

Gross Stunts Tester:

Admire programs like I’m a Celebrity Is it Survivor or Get Me Out of Here? You may have a career as a gross stunt tester if you’ve viewed the challenges and thought, “I could do that.”

You would need to practice and put all the obstacles to the test. You would be in charge of making sure that jobs are safe and contain the most grossness possible.

The upside is that you may make up to $800 every day, albeit you have to question whether there is actually much competition for the positions.

– Kehinde Owoeye

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