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Russian Cyberspace Attacked By China

Russian Cyberspace Attacked By China

Russian Cyberspace Attacked By China

Russian government institutions and defense firms have reportedly been targeted by a group of Chinese hackers, according to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Laboratory.

The Russian Federation’s military-industrial complex has recently been the target of a number of cyberespionage assaults, which have been attributed to the Chinese hacking group known as TA428.

According to experts, the attacks, which involved the distribution of phishing emails with harmful code and sensitive information, were first identified in January 2022.

Mr. Emesakoru Enifome, a global affairs specialist, claims that as a result, the computer networks of numerous targets in several nations, including Russia, were penetrated.

in a statement in Abuja on Wednesday, he said: “According to available information, a report by the cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Laboratory, which appeared to a limited circle of Russian politicians, it is noted that the government-linked Chinese hacker group TA428 is behind numerous attacks on the military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation.

“Russian Kaspersky Lab researchers are convinced that the attacks were aimed at industrial enterprises, design bureaus and research institutes, government institutions, ministries, and departments in several Eastern European countries such as Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as Afghanistan.

“According to them, the data shows that the purpose of this series of attacks was cyber espionage. The cyber attacks were first discovered in January 2022.

“Hackers used phishing emails containing sensitive information about compromised organizations and malicious code to deploy the PortDoor malware to infiltrate computer networks.

“As a result, the networks of dozens of targets were compromised, and in some cases, their entire IT infrastructure was even captured.”

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