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Buju Denies Assaulting Police Officer 

Buju Denies Assulting A Police Officer 

Buju Denies Assaulting A Police Officer

On Thursday, BNXN, a popular Nigerian artist formerly known as Buju, denied spitting on a police officer’s face.

A tweet from the musician claiming to have spit on a police officer following a confrontation in Lagos State was previously published on daily post

The Lagos State Police Command took notice of this and promised that Buju will face consequences if he were found guilty of attacking a police officer.

But the musician clarified his since-deleted tweet in a thread on Thursday, saying he opposes harming law enforcement.

His tweet read: “I do not support abuse against the police in any form.

“My since-deleted tweet stating that I spat in [sic] a police officer’s face was an idiomatic expression to say I disrespected a police officer to his face and not the literal way people may have taken it on social media. I don’t support violence or abuse against the police in any form.”

Narrating his clash with the police officers yesterday, Buju said he was in a life-threatening situation after some policemen assaulted him.

“Yesterday I was in a life-threatening situation which caused me to lash out due to the physical assault on me by some policemen who have now been brought to book. However, I just want to focus on what’s important to me, my music. Thank you for all the love and concern.

“I stood on my right as a responsible Nigerian, despite the violence against me and I don’t want my deleted tweet to be taken seriously.

“I appreciate the swift intervention of some reputable police officers on this matter too. Love,” Buju wrote.

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