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Jim Ovia’s Zenith Bank’s Failure To Process Final Year Student’s Uk University Tuition Fee Led To Dismissal

Zenith Bank Earns N34.5bn after Market Capitalization Rises to N802.1bn.
Zenith Bank Earns N34.5bn after Market Capitalization Rises to N802.1bn.

Jim Ovia’s Zenith Bank’s Failure To Process Final Year Student’s Uk University Tuition Fees Led To Dismissal

A final year Nigerian student at the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom, has been withdrawn after Zenith Bank failed to process his tuition fees two months after approval.

FIJ learned that the student initiated the transaction in August and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) approved his Form A. However, Zenith Bank refused to treat the form.

Form A allows customers to purchase foreign currency for the purpose of fulfilling foreign currency payment obligations in invisible trades or transactions.

A screenshot obtained from the student’s Twitter page shows the withdrawal

Screenshots of the email regarding the withdrawal of the student’s visa

Due to the frustration triggered by the bank’s indifference to his plight, the student has vowed to commit suicide rather than be deported to Nigeria.

Earlier in September, a month after CBN approved his transaction, he had narrated his ordeal with the bank on Twitter, disclosing that failure to pay would result in the termination of his studies and visa.

Despite calling out Zenith Bank on social media and sending several messages to the bank’s email address, the issue was not resolved.

Last month, he shared another Tweet, revealing that the bank had done nothing to help him out.
“Friday 07/10/2022 is the deadline to pay my tuition fee and failure to do that will lead to termination of my admission and I will have to leave the UK immediately,” he tweeted.

“I have sent several emails, and reached out to my account officer several times but, unfortunately, nothing has been done. My friend uses UBA, and

the university received his money within just 10 days. Now, your bank is on the verge of ruining my life just because I chose to use your bank to make my payment in August.

“Why on earth do I have to go through hell with you all the time? This is a suicide route if my admission is finally terminated.”

Two months after, the issue remains unresolved. On November 1, the student shared on his Twitter timeline how he spent more than N30 million on his studies only to be withdrawn in his final year.

“I have been withdrawn from the university in the UK on Monday because Zenith Bank refused to treat my Form A that was approved by the CBN in August 2022,” he wrote.

“Fortunately for me, the university has given me the grace until Friday 04/11/2022 to pay and I would be reinstated, but Zenith Bank is not responding to my emails nor my transaction.

“I think I would rather commit suicide than be deported back to Nigeria in my final year. It is really sad.”

FIJ could not reach the student for more information, as the message sent to him was not responded to.

Also, FIJ sent messages to Zenith Bank’s email address for comments but got no response. The message sent to the bank on Twitter was also ignored.

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