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Urban Legends: How Man With Two Faces Died at 23

Edward Mordrake, man with two faces


Touchaheart Nigeria tells of an urban legend that claims that the fictitious Edward Mordake, sometimes written Mordrake, was born in the 19th century as the son of an English peerage and had a face on the back of his head.


The face allegedly had the ability to cry, laugh, or whisper.


Mordake pleaded with physicians to take it out, saying it spoke to him negatively at night. Mordake killed himself when he was 23 years old.


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According to one account, Mordake had a face resembling an Antinous and a figure of “exceptional grace.” The second face, which was allegedly feminine and on the back of Mordake’s head, apparently had eyes and drooled.


The replica face was claimed to “snigger when Mordake was happy” and “grin while Mordake was grieving” despite being unable to see, eat, or speak.


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Legend has it that Mordake practically begged doctors to take off his “devil face” numerous times, stating that it muttered things at night that “one would only speak about in hell,” but no doctor would even try.


Mordake then isolated himself in a room before deciding to commit suicide at the age of 23.


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