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5 Safety Voting Tips For The Election


5 Safety Voting Tips For The Election

It is less than 24 hours until Nigerians’ long-awaited general election in 2023.

Security agencies have promised voters that they will be adequately protected during the voting process, but it is still important for people to take personal safety precautions during this crucial time.

Here are safety tips to note as the voters head to polling units on Saturday:

1. Confirm polling units before election day

Voters should physically visit their polling place before the polls open to prevent getting lost on election day.

Instead, the Independent Electoral Commission has made a polling unit locator available on its website, which offers approximations of each polling unit’s position information across the nation.

It is important to note that vehicular movements are prohibited on election day. Thus, voters are advised to find a convenient place to lodge if their residence is far from their polling unit.

2. Avoid wearing political merchandise to polling booths

Voters should safeguard themselves by not openly announcing the people or parties they plan to support at polling places because Nigeria uses a secret ballot system.

Going to polling places in plain clothes is the best option to prevent needless conflict with political thugs and miscreants. Branded items ought to be hidden as well.

3. Report unusual activities:

Reporting any unusual activities to the proper authorities is another crucial safety measure that voters can implement during the voting process.

The Nigerian Army has set up emergency lines for voters to use in order to report any suspicious behavior occurring during the voting process.

Voters shouldn’t go up against aggressive people. They should first look for safety, then get in touch with security personnel as soon as they can.

4. Avoid bringing children to the polling units:

Because of the high stakes involved, it is critical to keep children safe during the elections.

Children should not be brought to polling units in case violence breaks out. Instead, families should make adequate babysitting arrangements ahead of election day.

5. Avoid political arguments at polling booths:

Voters should go to polling units with one goal in mind: to cast their ballots and ensure that they are properly counted.

It is inappropriate to have political conversations that could turn into fights or violence at voting places now that campaigning has been put on hold.

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