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Mr Macaroni Reacts To Peter Obi’s Lagos Victory

Mr Macaroni Reacts To Peter Obi's Lagos Victory


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress loss to Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi in Lagos state prompted a response from comedian and actor Mr. Macaroni.


Bola Tinubu, a two-term former governor of Lagos state, came in second with 572,606 votes, while Obi got the most votes with 582,354.


The comedian reacted to Obi’s victory by asserting that the Labour Party triumphed despite the use of force and violence in Lagos. He added that individuals must comprehend that they are the true owners of power.


As he said;

“Peter Obi has won Lagos State despite the escalating violence and intimidation in Lagos. The margin ought to be considerably higher! All I want is for everyone to understand is that we own the power! No structure, they admonished! It is internet noise, they claimed. LESSONS!!!!!”


According to Mr. Macaroni, the margin would have been greater if some people had been given the opportunity to vote. He further mentioned that 300 people were unable to cast ballots at his polling station.


“More than 300 persons failed to cast ballots in only my polling place, INEC! And there have been numerous complaints of the same in PUs! Threats and acts of violence! The LP would have won by a much wider margin had this election been run more efficiently! PERFORM BETTER, @inec Nigeria “he added


He added that although the youth’s influence was underestimated, everyone was astonished by it.

He said this:

They misjudged the people’s power! They said that we are not grassroots and are merely online. They were unaware that pain affects everyone. No, we’re all now in the grassroots! Nigerians, the power is always yours whenever you are prepared to accept it!”

It’s still anyone’s game as the result collation is still in progress.


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