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Court Orders Ex-husband To Pay Ex-wife $215K For 25years Of Housework

Court Orders Ex-husband To Pay Ex-wife $215K For 25years Of Housework


Touchaheart Nigeria 48-year-old lady in Spain will receive 204,000 (about $215,000) from her ex-husband as payment for performing unpaid housekeeping during their marriage, according to a court decision.


Ivana Moral, who requested a divorce from her ex-husband in 2020, will receive a monthly pension of €500 (roughly $528) from him, according to iNews and the Spanish-language newspaper El Pais.



According to the outlets, a judge in Málaga determined the pension’s total amount based on the couple’s 25-year marriage and the minimum professional monthly wage.


According to iNews, her ex-husband, who was not identified in the court decision, has been ordered to pay his two kids, who are now 20 and 14, respectively, €400 (£356) and €600 (£533). He will likely file an appeal.



According to Moral, she “exclusively” took care of the couple’s housework throughout their marriage, according to EuroNews.


She further claimed that while her ex-husband “accumulated and geometrically grew his assets,” she was unable to pursue her own career due to “her exclusive dedication to the home and family,” according to the publication.



On the other hand, according to iNews, Moral’s ex established a successful gym business that enabled him to make extravagant expenditures.


Court Orders Ex-husband To Pay Ex-wife $215K For 25years Of Housework


According to the site, Moral stated that when one of their daughters turned 16, her ex similarly refused to pay for her education.



“Clearly this was a case of abuse to be completely excluded financially (by my ex-husband) with nothing left after my marriage ended, so me and my daughters were left with nothing after all these years of putting all my time, energy and love in the family,” Moral told the outlet.

“I was supporting my husband in his work and in the family as a mother and a father,” she added. “I was never allowed access to his financial affairs; everything was in his name.”

“This ruling represents the labour of all the women in the shadows and who, without a doubt, constitute a fundamental support in personal, marital, and familiar terms during years and years so that the ex-husband could develop his professional career and a rise in wealth which at the moment of separation could not share,” Moral’s attorney, Marta Fuentes, told iNews.

“So he could get on in his career, she stayed at home to look after the children, and they never contacted anyone to help her,” she continued. “She was his shadow, working behind [him] so he could rise professionally and become someone.”



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