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Tinubu, Atiku Congratulate Muslims On Ramadan


Tinubu, Atiku congratulate Muslims on Ramadantouchaheart Nigeria reports that President-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has asked Muslims in the nation to exhibit the same qualities that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) exemplified: humility, forgiveness, and service to others.


In a message of congratulations to Muslims as the Ramadan fasting month began on Thursday, Tinubu said this.


As we begin Ramadan this year, I extend my heartfelt greetings and congratulations to all Muslims who have been granted the favor of Almighty Allah to observe this holy month, he added.


Ramadan is a month-long period of fasting. Fasting helps us grow closer to and more appreciative of Allah. We fast in order to become greater servants of Allah and of humankind. But this month involves more than forgoing food and drink from dawn to night. It must entail absorbing the message and spirit of the holy month. The good and great things that the holy month of Ramadan stands for must be held onto.


Let us begin our fast and engage in spiritual meditation with the spirit of sacrifice, self-control, benevolence, justice, tolerance, mercy, compassion, and generosity that is at the core of Islam.


Let us endeavor to follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) humility, forgiving nature, and dedication to helping others.


Let us act in such a way that we may better ourselves as a people and a nation where all people, Muslims and non-Muslims, may live in trust, peace, and justice as Allah would have it be, the group urged.


He urged Muslims to take use of the opportunity to pray for Nigeria, its leaders, and the nation’s diverse population, which needs to be cultivated.


By working together and praying for growth and togetherness, we can bring about change in Nigeria. The lessons learned throughout the holy month of Ramadan emphasize the benefits of unity rather than the failures of division.

I pray that this Ramadan would bring us all nearer to Allah. May our prayers and fasting be heard. May this holy month bring Nigeria and all of humanity peace, harmony, and unity.


He concluded by wishing a happy Ramadan to all Muslims in Nigeria and around the globe.


Atiku Abubakar, a former vice president, also emphasized in his Ramadan message to Muslims the importance of sacrifice and devotion in worshiping God, which he described as the pillars of the holy month.


This year’s Ramadan fell during a period of political upheaval, he observed, “and as a people, we are at a point of depression and perplexity.


On the other hand, he expressed happiness that “the month of Ramadan has come to us as a blessing from the Almighty with an opportunity for us to wash away our problems, doubts, and pessimism.


It is obvious that we must adhere to the core values of this holy month in order to mend both our personal and national wounds. The first is the significance of sacrifice, not just to our families and the people in our immediate vicinity but also to the cause of peace.


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