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I Watched Helplessly As Mob Set My Son Ablaze – Ondo Mother



I watched helplessly as mob set my son ablaze – Ondo mother
16th April 2023

touchaheart Nigeria reports that Tope Olorunfemi, an Uber driver, was pleading for his life in the Ijoka neighborhood of Akure, Ondo State, on Easter Monday, when Christians around the world were honoring Jesus Christ.


He was being attacked by a furious mob who were calling him a Yahoo boy and throwing rocks and sticks at him.


He was accompanied by his mother, Mojisola, who begged the mob to release her son because he was only in town on a vacation with his wife and child.

The mob set out to fire her and her son rather than paying attention to their cries.


The grieving mother, who was in tears as she recalled the tragic incident, added, “By the time I got there, he was in a pool of blood; his face was on the ground. He turned to face me when I shouted his name, and he did. The folks there threatened to beat me with sticks if I didn’t transport him to the hospital with the assistance of his siblings. They told me not to carry him after hitting me.


That is how a member of the crowd doused him with gasoline and torched a piece of cloth before tossing it his way. I quickly ran over, took up the cloth, and dumped it in the trash. Who is this woman, someone said as they threatened to beat me with sticks once more? I urged them to assist me in carrying him by introducing him as my kid.


Someone tossed the burning cloth at him once again, but he grabbed it and threw it away because it was already scorching him. One tall man, named Luku, who is a friend of Tope’s older brother, was present as he threw the cloth away. When Tope’s older brother shouted at Luku that Tope was his younger brother, Luku pulled him away and beat Tope on the head with a stick in front of me.


Jobe, a different man, threw a stone at him as well. When I realized I was useless, I left the area in tears. According to them, a snake was in his car. I asked where the snake was because I couldn’t find one. They reported seeing a piggy bank and kids’ clothes, which they identified as the ones that he had left for his wife and child in the car. He wasn’t a “Yahoo boy”


The crash


According to information obtained by Touchaheart Nigeria, Tope’s Toyota Camry earlier smashed two persons to death and injured a number of others along the still-under-construction Ijoka Road.


According to information provided by our journalist, the mob—many of them were commercial motorcycle riders also known as Okada riders—attacked the driver after they allegedly discovered some objects inside the car that they said were components for money rituals.


They came to the conclusion that the 35-year-old was a part of Yahoo Yahoo, an online fraud scheme.


The people, who were supposed to be sympathizers and rescuers, became enraged by what they supposedly saw, turned into a mob, beat the driver to death, and then set his car afire.


The victim had already passed dead, despite the state police command’s best efforts to save him.


It was said that the cops arrived at the scene too late.


The event caused controversy even though the police insisted they sent men to the area to find the offenders.


The dead was a charlatan, according to a local who went by the name Segun.


He stated, We found three live tortoises in his car and one small coffin, a local sponge and soap, a duvet, and a pair of lady’s pants; all these were what we brought from his car.


Many people, however, thought that Tope’s reported fetish items were insufficient evidence that he was an Internet fraudster.


Search for justice


Mojisola, Tope’s mother, and Mosunmola, his wife, begged security personnel to apprehend the culprits of the atrocity.


He was an Uber driver, they claimed, and they refuted the claim that he was engaged in Internet fraud.


His mother, a retailer of cocoa, claimed that her son was laid-back. He attended the Merchant Navy School in Ogun State’s Oran. He made the decision to remain in Lagos to work there after finishing school because there was no work available.


When he arrived home, he said that all he was doing in Lagos was hustle and that if he ever acquired a car, he would be driving for Uber. He had been living in Lagos since his father had purchased the car for him roughly three years prior.


The grieving widow remembered that Tope had driven home for Easter.


This happened because he decided to check on his wife and kids while they were with me rather than going home. When he arrived, his wife suggested that they get back to Lagos, but he insisted that he wasn’t leaving just yet. Instead, he requested his wife to spend some time at her mother’s house and then he would pick her up when he was leaving for Lagos.


Later, when he mentioned that he didn’t want his child to be attacked by insects, his wife told him that she would never be able to pack the luggage after getting off a bus in Ojota. He then selected a few items of clothing for his wife and child from the box and loaded them into his car to drive to Lagos.


We tried calling his phone number on Monday morning when we got up, but it was off. Later, his father yelled his name at me and shouted for me. I arrived at the scene of the incident in this manner.


Justice is the only thing I ask of the government. The government ought to assist me in bringing those responsible for my son’s intentional murder to justice. Someone in the video claimed that he was conceited and that he could not even afford the clothes that my son was sporting. It is important to handle the case carefully.They were referring to him as a Yahoo boy because whenever they see a young man driving a large vehicle, they automatically assume he is a Yahoo boy.


His father is wealthy; he owns a sizable cocoa company in Akure and utilizes four vehicles for that purpose. The locals who claimed he had an apartment he rented out to some persons performing Yahoo work for him are lying because he did not dwell in Akure. He drove for Uber and was based in Lagos. They were merely being envious when they said that. He was merely a shady Uber driver.


The late man’s wife, Mosunmola, also refuted the accusation made against her husband, claiming that “he (deceased) was an Uber driver in Lagos, not a ritualist.”


You can verify via his friend, known as Oba, who lives in Lagos, that they met while driving for Uber, she said.


Two of the offenders were taken into custody, according to the Ondo State Police Command.


The public relations officer for the state police, Mrs. Funmilayo Odunlami, stated, “Our men are already out to arrest more after which they would be charged.


Mr. Ayo Alade, a legal expert, claimed that the government needed to take urgent action to address the problem of jungle justice in the nation and educate the populace about the danger.


This kind of things shouldn’t happen where sane people are living,” he stated, claiming that we do not live in an animal kingdom. We have security agencies in the community; if they had suspicions that he was a Yahoo boy, why didn’t they turn him over to the police and let the law play out in its entirety? In addition, despite not being there at the location of the incident, I was unable to find any of the allegedly incriminating fetish material they claimed to have discovered in the car in any of the films I watched on the Internet.


Mr. Isa Bahiru, a public affairs analyst, attributed the public’s diminished trust in the police and court system to their actions.


He claims that people are aware that turning over suspected criminals to law enforcement officials may not produce any significant results because so many suspects have been freed without being put on trial.


He declared, “I completely dislike jungle justice because, frequently, innocent people always pay the price, but the Nigerian people employ it because they don’t trust our police. They are aware that if the criminal suspects are turned over to the police, justice would not be served since sooner or later, the criminals will be let go.

In a rational environment, none of these can be occurring. Let our administration overhaul the police and the court system. The victim would have been saved if the police had arrived promptly, and the crowd wouldn’t have surrounded the victim if they had trusted the system. But I’ll want the police to find those responsible for the “jungle justice” and bring them to justice.

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