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GM Sujimoto Group’s Sijibomi Ogundele explains why Banana Island is their top pick

GM Sujimoto Group's Sijibomi Ogundele explains why Banana Island is their top pick
GM Sujimoto Group's Sijibomi Ogundele explains why Banana Island is their top pick

BUSINESS- In 2016, as I was coping with the recession’s pain, love led me to Banana Island, the richest square metre in Africa. Shade, my ex-girlfriend at the time, was someone I wanted to be close to.

Yet since I was immediately drawn to the island’s peace, community cooperation, infrastructure growth, and the high level of security of the rich neighborhood—all of which ensure lifetime value—love transmuted into assets. Few locations on the continent can match Banana Island, a pristine tropical paradise in Lagos, Nigeria, one of the continent’s coastal towns with the highest population growth.

Almost 600 high-net-worth individuals reside in this distinctive neighbourhood. Banana Island, which overlooks the Lagos Lagoon, is fully equipped for anyone who wants to grow in a peaceful setting. With its first-rate amenities and sense of community, Banana Island has developed into a suburb for families from all over the world looking for a luxurious lifestyle and an attestation to socioeconomic class in Nigeria. When I first visited, I saw this as an opportunity.

Fortunately, I seized the opportunity, and today Banana Island is the most sought-after address in Nigeria. A concentration of African billionaires and business moguls reside in the upscale neighbourhood, along with expats from the United States, UK, India, France, and other nations who work for global corporations.

Luckily, I seized the opportunity, and now Banana Island is Nigeria’s most sought-after address. The affluent neighbourhood is home to a concentration of African billionaires and business moguls, as well as expatriates who work for multinational corporations from the United States, Britain, India, France, and other nations.

GM Sujimoto Group's Sijibomi Ogundele explains why Banana Island is their top pick

Mega mobile network operators like Etisalat Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, Ford Foundation Nigeria, and the Rolls Royce of all law firms, Olaniwun Ajayi & Co., all have headquarters on the picturesque island.

After travelling the globe, from Paris to Dubai, London to New York, Lebanon to Durban, it was crucial for me to select the “creme de la creme” of Nigeria’s top locations, where the 1% of the 1% reside, in order to underline the idea behind location in real estate. A place where we can develop bold structures that will stand the test of time and outlive my generation, in addition to adding value for our clients.

Building on Banana Island wasn’t just about the name or the curve, in my opinion; our structure required a base that stood for luxury and money. This exclusive neighbourhood is the best in the world.

Before it was finished, our project, GuilianoBySujimoto, was the turning point in our success story. Introducing the LucreziaBySujimoto, the tallest and most beautiful structure on Banana Island, confirmed our commitment to luxury and our taste for the best.

We looked far and wide, we examined the top high-rises in Africa, we discovered what made them unique, we investigated what they were missing, and we took the decision to build Banana Island into the future of luxury high-rises in Africa. We go above and above to please our customers since it is ingrained in our Nature.

In addition to being the highest structure in Africa, the Lucrezia has evolved into the pinnacle of aesthetic, architectural, and lifestyle fusion. With numerous first-of-the-first amenities and characteristics that demonstrate it as the first of its kind in Nigeria, it is also the most talked-about condominium in the country.

We are now developing an incredible waterfront development of opulent townhouses at Banana Island. Each townhouse has a private lift and a Parian Marble front, fusing ancient aristocracy with contemporary design. An Italian legend who rose from being the son of a wool trader to become one of the finest bankers in the 14th century served as the inspiration for the project. One of the finest terrace homes to ever exist on the planet would be the Giovanni di Bicci de’ Medici design.

The bold LeonardoBySujimoto waterfront building, currently under construction, is slated to be the most opulent condominium to ever grace the Lagos skyline. We have made the decision to go all out for Leonardo, designing a structure where, from the Foundation to the Chandelier, your only experience will be ultra-luxury.

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Modern features and amenities would be the only way for customers to experience the Leonardo. They would be the only place to see Full Home Automation, a fully equipped European Standard kitchen, 3 Meter Doors, Duravit by Phillip Stark, Award-winning Sanitary Wares, Simone Saragoni’s Technogym Olympic-size temperature-regulated swimming pool, Mini-mart, Mini-clinic, Hair Salon, Interactive Lobby of 5-star hotel standard, Squash Court, 48-seater B& We have made the decision to redefine luxury living with the Leonardo, not just in Nigeria but all across the world.

place to see Full Home Automation, fully equipped European Standard kitchen, Meter Doors, Duravit by Phillip Stark, Award-winning Sanitary Wares, Simone Saragoni’s Technogym Olympic-size temperature-regulated swimming pool, Mini-mart, Mini-clinic, Hair Salon, Interactive Lobby of 5-star hotel standard, Squash Court, 48-seater B& 
We have made the decision to redefine luxury living with the Leonardo, not just in Nigeria but all across the world.

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