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Chinese Govt Denies Financing Terrorists To Access Nigerian Resources


Chinese Govt Denies Financing Terrorists To Access Nigerian Resources

touchaheart Nigeria reports that the Chinese government has denied sponsoring militants to gain access to mining sites in Nigeria and has stated that it will never be involved in financing terrorism in any way.


China issued a statement denying its involvement in response to a revelation by a British news outlet, The Times, concerning funding terrorists to obtain Nigeria’s mineral wealth.


Chinese insurgents in Nigeria were paid to give them access to massive mineral riches, according to a report dated April 15, 2023. reported that “Beijing may be indirectly funding terror” in Nigeria.


The report is, according to the Chinese Embassy, “based on unsubstantiated, murky, and unproven facts, to which we have to express our severe discontent and protest.


The Chinese government and embassy in Nigeria have consistently urged Chinese nationals and companies operating in Nigeria to adhere to local labor, environmental, health, and safety laws and regulations, and they will continue to make efforts in this direction.


The Chinese government never engaged in any type of terrorism sponsorship and never will.


The claims in the report were wholly careless and immoral, and the report’s motivation is significantly called into doubt.


China and Nigeria’s bilateral cooperation over the past few decades has benefited our relations on a personal level and the welfare of the two peoples. To advance development and address security challenges, we will keep collaborating with the Nigerian government.


We would reject any intention or behavior that would cast doubt on our cooperation, but we encourage partners from throughout the world to join us in our efforts in good faith.




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