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Details of court proceedings between m. Peter Obi & INEC/Tinubu


Details of court proceedings between m. Peter Obi & INEC/Tinubu

The Court ordered the INEC to provide the data they used to declare Tinubu the winner many weeks ago; they have been dragging their feet.

Last week, they still didn’t provide it. Remember they also swore affidavit to that effect.

Our Lawyer, Dr. Uzoukwu prayed for the Court to adjourn to today so all parties, especially the INEC to provide all their evidence as required so they’d be no going back and forth, they all agreed, and the case was adjourned to today.

Within the ‘break’, the INEC provided only 28% of the data.

Today, Dr. Uzoukwu stated that the INEC had provided only 28% of the court required evidence, and that they are ready to pay the fees the INEC is asking for, but that they must provide 100% of the evidence, or the case will not proceed, the INEC lawyer prayed that they case should continue since they had provided something and that Peter Obi should manage the what he has and proceed with the petition.

Our Lawyer refused and insisted they must provide it by this Friday since the matter is time bound, but Tinubu’s lawyer objected and prayed that they be given enough time so they could meet one another and reconcile the issues, the Judge ignored his request and ordered them to come to Court with the evidence, 100% of everything, on Friday.



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