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Police Arrests Woman Praying Over Water, See Why

Arrested: Woman Praying Over Water
Arrested: Woman Praying Over Water

Sayyada Fanta Sangaré, a Guinean woman, is reportedly in custody after claiming to be able to pray over water.

The police have taken custody of the woman who gained notoriety on social media for praying atop a body of water in the Western province, reports say.

Passersby reportedly stood by and stared at her in disbelief because they couldn’t comprehend how someone could defy gravity and float on water.

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To hide the fact that she was actually standing on the water to pray, the woman placed a piece of wood on top of the water and set her prayer mat down on it.

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Fanta responded by saying, “This is not a big deal to her since she and the water are all servants of Allah, and as long as a man will fear Allah and obey Allah and his prophet and pray for Allah and His prophet and pray for him, Allah can do everything He obeyed him including water and fire?”

The Taouyah special police in Guinea stated regarding her arrest that “her act is not an offence. Why was she detained for that? According to a senior police official.

She is there (at the police station), of course, but that is for another matter, the officer continued. A citizen has filed a complaint against her. Although the police insisted the woman was not detained as a result of her behaviour, the primary justification for her detention was unclear.


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