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See why Nurses (season 4), was abruptly cancelled on Telemundo

Why Season 4 of Nurses on Telemundo was abruptly cancelled
Why Season 4 of Nurses on Telemundo was abruptly cancelled

The untimely cancellation of Nurses Season 4 was brought on by homophobic laws in Africa.

Without warning from the network or NBC Universal, Decisions, Nurses, season 4, was abruptly ceased and substituted for the telenovela, last week

Fans of the show in several African nations have asked questions, but no concrete answers have been provided.

Recall that in Nurses’ third season, Alvaro and Fernando came out as gay. Also, they are attempting to adopt Alvaro’s niece, whose mother passed away some time ago.

But, according to entertainment blogger and TVSA member Insidus, Nurses was cancelled due to the show’s homophobic themes, even though it also aired in Uganda and other nations where homosexuality is prohibited.

Since everyone in Africa receives the same Telemundo DStv transmission, laws that are in effect in one nation will have an impact in another.

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Within a month of Uganda implementing the harsh, oppressive Anti-Homosexuality Act, which mandates the death sentence for “aggravated homosexuality” and life in jail for those “convicted” of engaging in intercourse with someone of the same sex, nurses vanished from television.

Moreover, promoting or normalising homosexuality is illegal and is subject to fines and a 20-year maximum sentence.

These incidents must be the cause for the show’s cancellation.

TVSA questioned Telemundo about the cancellation of Nurses and whether it was related. Although they omitted specifics, it is clear by reading between the lines.

“We aim to comply with local broadcast laws in each market where we transmit, and are modifying the material as necessary,” their statement said.
The network has apparently experienced a quick and unexpected turn of events because Nurses was as usual included in the channel’s July highlights, which were released before to this.

The Nurses Season 4 catch-up first appeared on Universal TV+ on DStv Now in South Africa. Fans can currently only watch to Episode 34. It appears that there is turmoil with it as well because there should be more than 40 episodes loaded at this point.

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