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Naira Marley, Mohbad, and Instagram: Unraveling the Scandal

Naira Marley
Naira Marley, Mohbad, and Instagram: Unraveling the Scandal

In the wake of the tragic and mysterious death of former signee Promise ‘Mohbad’ Aloba, the Instagram following of street-pop artist Naira Marley, born Azeez Fashola, has taken a significant hit.

Touchaheart Nigeria reports that the public’s response, and the investigation that has now been initiated.

The Initial Following

As of the morning of Mohbad’s passing, Naira Marley boasted an impressive 7.5 million followers on Instagram.

His popularity in the Nigerian music scene was undeniable, but events that transpired in the aftermath of Mohbad’s death would send shockwaves through the social media platform.

A Drop in Followers

The trouble for Naira Marley began when videos emerged documenting the alleged harassment and maltreatment that Mohbad endured, allegedly at the hands of Naira Marley and his associates, including Sammy Larry.

These disturbing videos, which quickly went viral, led to a mass exodus of followers from Naira Marley’s Instagram account.

In just a week, over 500,000 people unfollowed the ‘Issa Goal’ crooner.

The sheer number of unfollows pointed to a coordinated effort by aggrieved netizens who were outraged by the treatment Mohbad had reportedly suffered.

Calls for Investigation

While there is no direct evidence linking Naira Marley to the tragic death of Mohbad, the video clips circulating on social media have fueled speculation and anger among fans.

Many are demanding a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mohbad’s passing.

The Lagos state police have officially commenced an investigation into the matter.

The deceased’s family, along with witnesses, met with the commissioner of police to launch this inquiry.

The hope is that this investigation will shed light on the events leading up to Mohbad’s death and bring any wrongdoers to justice.

Honoring Mohbad’s Memory

Amidst the turmoil, devoted fans of Mohbad have organized a peaceful procession to honor his memory.

This procession is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 20th, and Thursday, September 21st, serving as a testament to the impact he had on the music scene and the love he garnered from his supporters.

What You Should Know

The loss of over 500,000 Instagram followers is a significant blow to Naira Marley’s social media presence, and it reflects the gravity of the situation surrounding Mohbad’s untimely demise.

As investigations unfold and public sentiment remains divided, this story continues to evolve, leaving many questions unanswered.

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