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Rapper N6 Blasts Sophia Momodu Over Leaked Chat With Davido’s Father

Rapper N6 Blasts Sophia Momodu Over Leaked Chat with Davido's Father
Rapper N6 Blasts Sophia Momodu Over Leaked Chat with Davido's Father

TOUCHAHEART – In the ongoing child custody battle between Nigerian singer Davido and his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, rapper and media personality N6 has weighed in, criticizing Sophia for her recent actions.

Let’s delve into the details of this intriguing saga.

The Leaked Chat and Custody Dispute

Sophia Momodu, the first babymama of musician Davido, recently shared a WhatsApp conversation she had with Davido’s father.

The chat revolved around a request for their daughter, Imade, to spend Christmas 2023 with Davido’s family.

Sophia declined, citing prior arrangements and requesting at least two months’ notice for future events.

She also emphasized that Davido needed to fulfill his responsibilities.

Davido’s father responded with understanding, acknowledging the short notice.

However, he emphasized the importance of joint custody for Imade’s well-being.

It was a compassionate message, highlighting the need for cooperation between the parents.

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N6’s Critique

N6 didn’t hold back in his criticism of Sophia’s demands.

He questioned her insistence on a two-month notice for Christmas gatherings, especially when dealing with her daughter’s 67-year-old grandfather.

N6 praised Davido’s father for his maturity and empathetic response, contrasting it with Sophia’s unwarranted reply.

The Hypocrisy and Luxury Lifestyle

But N6 didn’t stop there. He pointed out Sophia’s apparent hypocrisy: while paying a whopping N25 million annually for her luxury apartment, she still demanded a Range Rover from Davido because she lacked a personal vehicle.

Sophia had claimed the Range Rover was in poor condition, leading her to rent a jeep for Imade’s school runs.

N6 suggested a practical solution—why not move into a N10 million house and buy a N15 million car instead?


The ongoing custody battle continues to unfold, with N6 adding his voice to the mix. As the drama plays out, it’s clear that emotions run high, but perhaps a dose of practicality and empathy could help resolve the situation.


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