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Iran Mourns as Earthquake Follows President’s Tragic Death

Iran Mourns as Earthquake Follows President's Tragic Death
Iran Mourns as Earthquake Follows President's Tragic Death

Touchaheart – In the wake of a devastating helicopter crash that claimed the life of President Ebrahim Raisi, Iran has been further rattled by an earthquake in Malayer, Hamedan province.

The tremor, which registered a magnitude of 3.7 on the Richter scale, struck the region at 08:20:52 local time, with its epicenter located a mere 10 kilometers beneath the surface.

A Country in Mourning

The seismic event occurred close to several localities, with distances of nine kilometers from Samen, and 18 kilometers from both Melayer and Oshtorinan.

This geological disturbance comes at a time when the nation is already in a state of grief following the untimely demise of President Raisi, who perished in a tragic accident near the Azerbaijan border.

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Supreme Leader Declares National Mourning

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has declared a five-day period of national mourning in honor of Mr. Raisi and his entourage.

In a heartfelt address, he extended his condolences to the Iranian populace and outlined the constitutional process for the transition of power, emphasizing the need for unity and resilience during this challenging period.

Remembering President Raisi

President Raisi is remembered as a dedicated leader whose primary concern was the well-being and satisfaction of the Iranian people.

Despite facing criticism, he remained steadfast in his commitment to enhancing the nation’s affairs, a testament to his character and dedication to public service.

As Iran confronts the dual tragedies of loss and natural disaster, the strength and solidarity of its people are more crucial than ever.

The country stands united in remembrance and recovery, honoring those they have lost while facing the challenges ahead with determination and hope.


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