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See Long Term Effects Of Make-up On The Skin

See Long Term Effects Of Make-up On The Skin
Makeup Artist applies Eye Shadow. Beautiful Woman Face. Perfect Makeup. Make-up detail. Beauty Girl with Perfect Skin. Nails and Manicure. Eye Shadow Palette
See Long Term Effects Of Make-up On The Skin


Make-up allows one to be able to hide scars or blemishes and is meant to enhance one’s beauty. However, it shouldn’t be treated as the end-all-be-all method to treat facial imperfections.


It doesn’t cure skins problems but covers them for the moment, Touchaheart Nigeria reports.


When wearing make-up one has to make sure to wash skin thoroughly or will cause more skin problems.


woman with red lipstick and brown eyes

I can tell you that before I started wearing a lot of makeup, my skin wasn’t very textured, it wasn’t oily or dry, and I had no problems with acne.


Now that I wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, my skin is dry one day, oily the next, I have wrinkles around my eyes, and stubborn acne marks. I’m only 16 and I have the skin of a 30-year-old. I would say the lasting effects aren’t the best.


See Long Term Effects Of Make-up On The Skin

Young appealing woman is showing pale-pink french style manicure with rhinestone on the slender fingers. Perfect makeup and trendy manicure.


There is no good benefit you can get when using make-up for a longer period of time. Make-ups are only good to cover up imperfections and to add up some self-confidence but always remember to still take off your make-ups most especially when you are going to bed. Since it will make your skin the next morning saggy, pale, and haggard.


It also causes you to have skin pigmentation, acne, or pimples. Even how tired you are from work or night out always have time to wash your skin with a mild soap or a facial cleanser then after pampering your skin with a facial mask or a good moisturizer leave it overnight but not the mask take it off after 15–30 minutes. Thank you and I hope it will help you.


Gorgeous girl in blue with bandage on head, drawing blush for herself and holding in hand cosmetic ankle. Beautiful woman with making professional makeup, posing, looking at camera. Beauty and care.


Makeup Makeup Makeup!! Every girl loves to do makeup! Whether there is a party, marriage, or any kind of function. Every girl wants to look beautiful and stunning! Makeup can make you beautiful but it can also ruin your beautiful skin! If you wear makeup for a long time it will definitely damage your skin!


Long term effects of makeup on skin:

1. Skin Diseases and reactions.

papulopustular rosacea, close-up of the patient’s cheek

2. Allergies.


3. Harmful for eyes.

See Long Term Effects Of Make-up On The Skin


4. Damage of nails.

Eye, Sick, Blue, Red, Pain, Gray Eye

Dry skin with brittle splitting and peeling nails from biting

5. Cancer and other chronic diseases.

Eye, Sick, Blue, Red, Pain, Gray Eye

Sick woman with a headache lying on a sofa

6. Ageing.

Eye, Sick, Blue, Red, Pain, Gray Eye

Comparison. Portrait of beautiful woman with problem and clean skin, aging and youth concept, beauty treatment and lifting. Before and after concept. Youth, old age. Process of aging and rejuvenation

7. Might be dangerous to reproductive organs.

Eye, Sick, Blue, Red, Pain, Gray Eye

Medical or gynecological problems. Close up woman in panties with hands holding her crotch

8. Hair Problems.

Millennial girl with hair loss problem looking in mirror at home

9. Headaches.

Full-face portrait of a girl, who is facing the camera with her eyes closed and her fingers touching temples as a sign of stress or headache.

Try to use less makeup and make sure to remove your makeup on time !!


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