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Liquorose channels Rihanna in a sheer ensemble, but is she a fashion hit or miss?

Liquorose channels Rihanna in a sheer ensemble, but is she a fashion hit or miss?

Touchaheart Nigeria recall that Liquorose caused a stir on the internet with a see through dress with no bra which she wore to an event. Comments have been on even after the event till date.

In a sheer or moire fabric (the fabric that looks like water) worn for an event, Liquorose sparked conversation.

First runner-up on Big Brother Naija Season Six For a Tecno party, Liquorose donned a sheer cloth, and there’s a lot to say about it.The picture that first made rounds around the internet The picture that first made rounds around the internet Liquorose channelling Rihanna

Rihanna wore a similar sheer attire and scarf, which served as inspiration for the sheer outfit and scarf. Swarovski gems adorned Rihanna’s dress.Rihanna's sheer look [pinterest]Liquorose channels Rihanna in sheer outfit, fashion hit or miss? | Pulse Nigeria

Rihanna reveals all in see-through dress [PHOTOS]Rihanna's sheer look [pinterest]

My initial reaction was that it was unnecessarily nudity and unsexy. The black pants didn’t match the rest of the outfit. For one thing, it appeared to be far too large.

If you compare her mood board to Rihanna’s photo, you’ll see that Rihanna gives the impression of nudity, or maybe she is, but Liquorose’s black underwear is so powerful that it feels like it’s attacking our eyes.

I didn’t want to be the only one who felt this way, so I looked up what others had to say about it on the internet. Many others criticized her lack of confidence, as well as her ostensibly manly positions and, of course, her black pants.Some Instagram comments [splufiknigerians]Some Instagram comments [splufiknigerians]Some Instagram comments [splufiknigerians]

An internet user said, “She should not channel (Rihanna) again.”

Another said; “Unfortunately, this looks horrendous.”

A Twitter user very unsubtle shade [twitter]

As predicted, her admirers were chanting her praises and were ready to fight anyone who tried to ‘body shame’ their favorite, who in their view could do no wrong.

Could we blame the unflattering outfits on the wrong camera angle or bad lighting? Maybe we should.

Liquorose channels Rihanna in sheer outfit, fashion hit or miss? | Pulse Nigeria

My mind hasn’t altered, and my problem remains the black pants underneath. I really like the cosmetics, contact lenses, and scarf.

Because of the editing process, a professional photograph always appears better than one snapped inadvertently, but the difference between a phone camera and a professionally edited photograph should not be so great.

LiquoroseThe underwear looked too maternal [twitter/naijapr}Another Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel donned a red outfit that was criticized for being ugly, with the neckline and materials being clownish. “Let’s wait for professional pictures.everyone called it out. Because what is bad is bad.The underwear looked too maternal [twitter/naijapr}

Some people still stand with Liquorose’s outfit choice. Anike thinks the pant is not too bad; “I think the colour is ok. I see a lot of sheer dresses on red carpets that come with bolder underwear. Maybe that’s what her stylist wanted to achieve.”

I’m not sure which celebrities Anike has seen wearing bold underwear with a sheer garment, but at the very least she admits that it was a failed attempt.

US celebrities in sheer outfits [theinsider]Liquorose channels Rihanna in sheer outfit, fashion hit or miss? | Pulse Nigeria

Ayo is strongly against the look, he thinks, “You want to show the world your underwear and that’s what you chose?”

Odion calls it “Ultimate warrior underpants.”

Hilarious takes but we all agree that this is a fashion miss and we look forward to better looks from Liquorose.

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