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Comedian Cute Abiola Serving One Month Punishment For Ridiculing Police 

Comedian Cute Abiola Serving One Month Punishment For Ridiculing Police 
Comedian Cute Abiola Serving One Month Punishment For Ridiculing Police 

Cute Abiola, a Nigerian comedian, is serving a one-month sentence for mocking the Nigerian police, according to the Nigerian Navy.

Touchaheart Nigeria recall that November 15, 2021, the Instagram comic was detained, but he was permitted to serve his ‘mild corrective punishment’ at the cantonment.

He was put on one-month ‘additional duty’ by the Nigerian Navy for wearing police uniform in one of his skits and mocking the Nigerian Police Force in the process, according to the Nigerian Navy.

He will be permitted to return home to his family on December 15, 2021, when his sentence will be completed.

After a military trial, Cute Abiola was given a minor sentence of ‘one-month extra duty,’ according to Naval spokesperson Commodore Suleman Dahun.

Dahun said;

“Cute Abiola has been placed on one-month extra duty after he was tried. He will be in charge of cleanship; supervising painting, electricians, carpentry, cutting of grasses, and others. He will be supervising civilians.

“He is no longer under detention. He has been released to move around to serve his punishment.

“Because he was detained on November 15, that one month will start counting from then, which means he is going to be engaged till December 15. By then, he will be off the extra duty.”

According to another military source, the comedian’s added job means he’ll be the “Minister of Works in the Barracks” for the duration of his sentence.

Cute Abiola, he continued, should have known better as a military officer and should not have dressed up in a police uniform in one of his plays, much less mocked the sister agency in the process.

Fatai Adebanjo, his lawyer, confirmed the development and expressed happiness, stating that the comedian’s wife and mother, who had been upset since the ordeal began, would be relieved.

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