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Ghanaian Identical Twins: How We Will Manage One Man As Our Husband

Ghanaian Identical Twins: How Will We Manage One Man As Our Husband
Ghanaian Identical Twins: How Will We Manage One Man As Our Husband

We’ll have to figure out a way to deal with just one person.

Touchaheart Nigeria reports that Linda and Belinda, identical twins born and raised in Ghana, have consented to marry one man as their husband.

In the media, this choice has sparked a lot of debate.

The twins revealed on Vibes in 5 TV that a “strong and wealthy Ghanaian monarch” wants to marry them and make them queen mothers, as well as promising them estates.

Ghanaian Identical Twins: How Will We Manage One Man As Our Husband

“We would want to both get pregnant at once for him. Top politicians are also seeking our hands in marriage.

“We have the desire to marry and share one man,” they happily revealed

The identical twins emphasized that they are very close, a development that would make it difficult to marry different men. “We are ready to marry one man,” they said.

However, considering the ups and downs in marriage which they are expected to think about before final decision, the twins stressed that should anything like divorce occurs, the two would quit at once. “If she is there, I am there. Should the man request for a divorce, we will both quit.

On s*x, they stated that they are prepared to share different hours and days with their husband for sex adding that their best wish is to be pregnant same time and give birth same time.

“We are ready to share different s*x dates with our husband. If I am in the mood and the man comes, fine.

“But if my sister is in the mood, fine. If we are both in the mood, we can share same time and hours with our husband,” Linda and Belinda stated.

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