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See Healthy Harmattan Steps

See Healthy Harmattan Steps

See Healthy Harmattan Steps


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that Harmattan is here, which is characterized as “a dry, dusty easterly or north-easterly wind on the West African coast that occurs from December to February.” Furthermore, the dry, cold, and dusty weather has the potential to make you ill.


To deal with this season, we should take the following steps:


1. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration

2. Wash your eyes regularly to avoid red eyes which is common in during harmattan

3. Cover your nose and mouth with a mask or towel when it is dusty

4. Avoid or reduce outdoor activities, especially if you have allergies

5. Stay indoors to avoid dust inhalation of harmful particles coming with the wind

6. Wear clothes that keep your body warm

7. Come to the clinic if you have red, itchy, and watery eyes.


8. Get medical help if you have running, itchy, sneezing, and stuffy nose

9. Keep the doors and windows closed

10. Always use moisturizers to prevent dry skin and dry palms

11. Use lip balm to prevent cracked lips


This season can trigger asthma and allergies. Asthmatic patients should always keep the inhaler handy and avoid dust as much as possible. This dry cold dusty season triggers sickle cell disease (SCD) as well. Patients should drink plenty of water and avoid outdoor activities as much as possible.

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