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Female Judge Allegedly Kisses ‘Very Dangerous’ Killer Whose Sentence She Tried To Reduce

Female Judge Allegedly Kisses 'Very Dangerous' Killer Whose Sentence She Tried To Reduce

Female Judge Allegedly Kisses ‘Very Dangerous’ Killer Whose Sentence She Tried To Reduce


A female judge is being investigated after CCTV footage purports to show her kissing a murderer she recently convicted.


Touchaheart Nigeria reports that Mariel Suarez was allegedly seen on camera kissing cop killer Cristian Bustos in an Argentinian jail where he is serving a life term.


When a panel of judges convicted Bustos last month, the judge was the only one who urged that he should not be sentenced to life in prison.

Female Judge Allegedly Kisses 'Very Dangerous' Killer Whose Sentence She Tried To Reduce

Suarez, on the other hand, denies there was any intimacy and claims she was merely seeing the murderer to ask questions for a book she is writing.


Security footage shows the judge moving forward towards the “very dangerous” inmate with her back to the camera, prompting court officials to acknowledge that an investigation has been initiated.


According to Argentinian news agencies, the video shows the unusual couple kissing.


Although neither the judge nor the inmate were named in a court statement announcing the probe, their names were leaked in Argentina’s local press after the December 29 prison visit.


Bustos is being imprisoned in a penitentiary in the southern Argentinian city of Trelew for the 2009 murder of police officer Leandro Roberts in nearby Corcovado.


After going to apprehend Bustos at his home during a previous prison breakout, Roberts was shot dead and a colleague was injured.


He was wanted in connection with the murder of his infant stepson, who was battered to death in a horrific incident that resulted in a separate murder conviction and a 20-year prison sentence.


When police attempted to apprehend the fugitive, his brother was killed in a gunfight.


After admitting his guilt during a trial, Bustos was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison for shooting Roberts.


Today/yesterday (TUE) Suarez told Argentinian news website Todo Noticias there was no kiss during the prison visit, adding:

“We were talking and felt we were being listened to. They were secret talks and there were people walking nearby and a camera and that’s why we talked close-up.”


She added:

“I don’t have any sentimental relationship with this person. I’m writing a book on him. Our relationship is a working relationship.


“I believed the version of events he gave at his trial and that’s why I voted for a lesser punishment than life imprisonment.”


The probe into the judge is being led by the Superior Court of Chubut, which said in a statement:

“The judge allegedly incurred in inadequate behaviour.


“The investigation will seek to determine the circumstances of the meeting between that judge and an inmate who is regarded as highly dangerous and was recently convicted following a trial in the city of Esquel.


“It will also look at how long the meeting lasted and its characteristics, with a view to confirming whether there have been violations of the Law of Public Ethics and internal judicial authority regulations.”

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